Doom marine build 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Richardson117, May 17, 2016.

  1. Richardson117

    Richardson117 New Member

    Thank you

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  2. Richardson117

    Richardson117 New Member

    How could I access the source file

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  3. Chernobyl


    First of all: please don't double-post. The 'edit' function exists to go back and alter a post if you're unhappy with it instead of entering another.
    Secondly: you don't. We don't openly discuss model ripping on the 405th at all.
    Thirdly: this model needs a lot of cleaning up before I'd call it fit for use. It weighs in at over 50Mb, which is too large for me to upload to the Archive or a forum post, so you may need to be patient while I chop it up and remove some of the extra details.
  4. Richardson117

    Richardson117 New Member

    You are awesome

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    My screenshots should be of good use then
  5. Chernobyl


    Yes, I am.

    Why would they be? I have the raw model, I just need to slice it up so it's easier to work on.

    I'm providing the helmet file for you now - it's had the triangles and delicate detailing removed to make it easier, but it'll still be a complex build for Pepakura. Check the attachments of this post.

    Attached Files:

  6. Dracosfire83


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  7. Chernobyl


    There's no need to be rude and make threats - if you have an issue with a member please take it to PMs and keep it civil.

    I'll be releasing the raw rip in a day or so, no need for any panties getting bunched up. So, please: for all concerned, play nice.
  8. Dracosfire83


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  9. MacFuzz

    MacFuzz New Member

    Hey all. Attached is the first version of the unfolded Praetor Helmet using Chernobyl's model. This is my first upload to the public so let me know what you think. Enjoy

    View attachment Praetor
  10. Ezra98

    Ezra98 New Member

    Nice unfold, although thats a pretty intense project (for myself) to undertake by pepakura lol. Still great job on unfolding it! I know somebody will have the patience and time to attempt this. Definetly watching this thread.
  11. MacFuzz

    MacFuzz New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Im half way through the build at the moment. Il post up some pictures as soon as it resembles something Doom worthy
  12. Richardson117

    Richardson117 New Member

    I'll be starting something very soon as I get my materials in

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  13. MaxCapacity

    MaxCapacity New Member

    Here is the chest plate.

    Got bored, grabbed a trial of 3ds Max. Since I only have the free version of Designer, I was only able to make pre-scaled PDFs of the file. :(

    This is also my first unfolding, so it's a little rough.

    10" wide (fits me, 5'7") -
    12" wide -

    Edit - Since this was a very easy piece, I did it first. I'm currently going through the rest of the suit. Some parts of the suit blend a LOT between soft armor and hard armor, so I've been sorting through and trying to separate the parts. If people are interested, I can post the rest as I finish the suit.
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  14. RobotailsFox

    RobotailsFox New Member

    Nice work. Going to take a crack at it once I finish repainting my halo armor. I'm interested in the rest of the suit ^^
  15. cullen9

    cullen9 New Member

    this looks super detailed, I'll start building this out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

    I will say I like the way you laid this out. I had to move a couple things around so they wouldn't be cut off by the printer. however they way you labeling everything was super helpful.
  16. cullen9

    cullen9 New Member

  17. Burt


    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this build. I'm working on the pistol currently :)

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  18. MacFuzz

    MacFuzz New Member

    Sorry im British so its in A4. Thanks for the feedback, hope it goes well
  19. KaulinD

    KaulinD New Member

    This is great! I've never been able to play doom because I don't have next gen. But I am crazy about it. I am currently working on a Halo Venator armor (I have a current thread about it being updated daily) and I would love to undertake this as my next project! I will totally stay tuned in this build, good luck!
  20. cullen9

    cullen9 New Member

    I got the helmet all finished everything looked Good. The only change I would make is some of the parts are too small or thin. So some of the numbers would be to jumbled to read. But it still came out great and i'm now just waiting on the resin and bondo process.
  21. bigjohn9397

    bigjohn9397 Jr Member

    Could you possibly provide the .pdo instead of the .pdf? I'd find it easier to scale that way.
  22. obellist

    obellist Jr Member

    This is going to be one ~hell~ of a build. Highly looking forward to it :)
  23. Squidbee

    Squidbee New Member

    I'm currently going to 3D print the helmet. It took me a while to get all of the measurements done but it should be done by the end of this week.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.11.06 AM_burned.png
  24. Squidbee

    Squidbee New Member

    Could you make a .obj of this helmet, but with the textures? So I could use it as a guide to paint.
  25. Squidbee

    Squidbee New Member

    Where did you get the 3D Model for that pistol?

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