Doom marine build 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Richardson117, May 17, 2016.

  1. Scifideity

    Scifideity New Member

  2. doom slayer

    doom slayer New Member

    you said in a earlier post that you had some files for this project , I am new to the 405th and I decided to make the Praetor suit as my first project so if I could get those files I would greatly appreciate it .
  3. pixelarmory

    pixelarmory New Member

  4. Richardson117

    Richardson117 New Member

    Thank you . you are awesome and you're channel
    for the files !

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  5. mblackwell1002


    WHOA- from where this is going, this is gonna be amazing! looking foreward to some peps (+1 sub)
  6. StayFrosty


    I hope that you go through with this project, because even though I haven't played the new doom, I really love the new look of the marine armor. Good luck man!
  7. Killroyer

    Killroyer New Member

    Well, I saw a pdo file of the praetor suit but I cannot find it. Do you guys have the pepa model? Even if its quite messy to build as I could see
  8. prime43

    prime43 New Member

    I know I'm coming back year late . is there any pep file on doom marine as of late?
  9. SofiJunkhead


    if someone is still interested in making this armor and still couldn't do it, I have done it myself. Freehanded, no files and 3d :p take a look here Doom praetor 2016 build

    I don't have a tutorial or anything, but I mean, it's possible. I know it's not perfect, but looks okay for a first build
  10. ASCIBlue

    ASCIBlue New Member

    I've recently become interested in a Praetor build. Anyone have pdo files, 3d print files or the like? The dropbox link is dead. The 3d print files seem to be solid too. :/
  11. Bioerror

    Bioerror New Member

    I'd like to build the helmet, but using a full face street bike helmet as a base. Does anyone have any tips?
  12. ASCIBlue

    ASCIBlue New Member

    be ready for a long road. modifying stuff isn't always easiest, the shapes are a bit different.

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