Doom marine build 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have stumbled upon one of the greatest ideas .... DOOM MARINE praetor suit my 2nd build and hopefully I finish this within the five months.
If you have any tips or resource's they would be greatly appreciated all I've found were these small useful images.


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I'm sure alot of people would rip and tear for the playermodel so they can make the pepfiles.
Shouldn't take long for people to get hands on that, I'm sure someone in 405th community might already have the file and maybe are willing to share.

The armor might be in multiplayer so you can use that with friend to get all the referense that you might ever need.


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THANKS , and by the time I'm done with this I'll be knee deep in the dead:D

- - - Updated - - -

IF ANYONES INTERESTED I have a set of files and a custom template for the bfg


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I had a lot of fun playing this game over the weekend. Good luck with the build! It would be a sweet suit to have. Just don't rip my arm off when you're done and smack me in the face with it. :p


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Heh, I'm STILL having fun with it today. A bit TOO MUCH really. Having played Doom2 to death and being a PC-gamer at heart, this game "feels like coming home". I love it. :D
And here's the kicker : my son is what, 35 years younger than me, and he loves it too. Timeless and Priceless.
Looking forward to your build ! :thumbsup


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I believe I can make the helmet from the inside out


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can you post a top down angle, front, and ,back,...... this build is going to be straight up all foam and in return here is a custom file for the bfg currently all I have is the hand guard


  • BFG- HANDGUARD - Copy.docx
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Hi all.
If anyone has the obj files for the armour i will unfold and upload for all to use. Just cant get ahold of the obj myself
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