DragonCon 2022 Photoshoot @1:00PM EST SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD

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AsgardianHammer AKA Robert Letts will be your POC for this event.
After the parade head to the Peachtree Center food court and have some lunch and cool off. Afterwards head upstairs for the 405th Photoshoot which will begin at 1:00pm outside on the plaza courtyard.

Zero Serenity will be the Principal Photographer for the day. You can check out his work here and FB Zero Serenity.com Jeff Gm will also be joining us. Jeff was our principal a few years ago and i am excited to once again have Jeff and Zero paired up for us! Please listen carefully and pay attention as their time is valuable.

You may remember ZeroSerenity from 2021 as he was our parade Photographer. Zero has graciously offered to be our Primary this year.

Please remember to be courteous to those helping to organize events and interact with the public with Grace. Give the photographer your full attention as well so group shots can be handled expeditiously so there is plenty of time for individual shots.

After the event post whatever personal pics you get or find in this thread.

Please respond to this thread if you are attending the photoshoot so that we have an idea of how many will be present.
I’ll be there


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Wow!!! Just Wow!!! So many Spartans, ODST and others present for this years photoshoot. Thanks to our incredible photographers ZeroSerenity and Jeff Gm for snapping what I am certain will be some memorable shots! A very special Thanks to ZeroSerenity for also being our parade photographer and handler! Such a huge help to us! I am especially looking forward to the Hammer recreation of a 2013 photoshoot taken by founding member Adam Grumbo. You all made the day so very special and once our photographers have been able to complete their thousands of photos from the weekend we will share and let you all know!

Thank you all again so very much for not only being a part of this great community but for your Armor, Honor, and Unity!
Hey guys. Just want to give you all a heads up Ill have my set of photos up soon. On Facebook and later on my Flickr account. Do apologize about the delay on the photos. Hope you all are having a fun October.


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