DragonCon 2023 Photoshoot @1:00PM EST SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2ND


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Asgardianhammer AKA Robert Letts will be your POC for this event.
After the parade head to the Peachtree Center food court and have some lunch and cool off. Afterwards head upstairs for the 405th Photoshoot which will begin at 1:00pm outside on the plaza courtyard.

Zero Serenity will be the Principal Photographer for the day. You can check out his work here and FB Zero Serenity.com Jeff Gm will also be joining us. I am excited to once again have Jeff and Zero paired up for us! The do a stellar job f making this group look amazing. Please listen carefully and pay attention as their time is valuable.

You may remember ZeroSerenity from 2022 and 2021. He has been an invaluable help to our Organization for this event and the parade so please give him your full undivided attention. I am planning on this being a huge year for us!!!

Please remember to be courteous to those helping to organize events and interact with the public with Grace. Give the photographer your full attention as well so group shots can be handled expeditiously so there is plenty of time for individual shots.

After the event post whatever personal pics you get or find in this thread.

Please respond to this thread if you are attending the photoshoot so that we have an idea of how many will be present.
I will be there, though whether I am in armor depends on whether or not my 28 day Felix speed build is successful. On that note, does anyone have files for the codpeice? It is the only component I could not find specific to his set. If anyone has tips on how to complete something of this scale in a month, from Zero to full build, It would be much appreciated!
Bringing new badge ribbons for everyone


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Does the photoshoot have the same requirements for entry as the parade?
I'd like to be part of the shoot if I'd be allowed, but would understand if not.
Thank you
Photoshoot is open to all.

For the Parade, just please send Robert, Asgardianhammer a message if you are not a Full 405th Member yet (90 Days 50 posts) and then sign up in the corresponding thread.

We only get a limited number of Parade Wristbands that allow entry to the Parade, so a priority is placed on giving them to full 405th members first, but if we have extras, as we usually do, then we pass them out to others.

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