Hey all. It’s been about 3 years since I made my DS3 Havel knight build. I’ve learned quite a bit since then, and want to make a new suit that I can wear to Ren Faire and other cons.

This is going to be a mashup of the following armor sets:
Morne’s Armor
Exile Leggings
Gauntlets of Thorns
Helmet of Thorns

Estus flasks will also be made, and, of course, a ridiculously cumbersome weapon.

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I’m starting out with the Gauntlets of Thorns. The thorns were made by sanding down triangular foam dowels, which I recommend trying out for little details like that.

These started out as Faraam Knight gauntlets from a build I abandoned a long while ago. It’s nice to finally have a use for them.

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Those look great!
I'm wondering myself how you attached them though, they look like they'd break off quite easily.
Those look great!
I'm wondering myself how you attached them though, they look like they'd break off quite easily.
Thanks a lot! I use Loctite professional liquid (little blue bottle) and them spikes aren’t going anywhere
I decided to make the helmet over the last week instead, and I’m quite happy with the outcome. I’ll share all the process pics here. I actually started by wrapping a throwaway of a Reach pilot helmet in several layers of duct tape and plastic wrap. I inserted foam between the layers to help shape the helmet. I freehanded all the details on from looking at screenshots I took. I then cut the duct tape layer out in 5 pieces and traced them onto foam to assemble them.

Let this be a lesson for those just starting out: even if it looks like garbage in the preliminary stages, trust the process and see it through.




Tonight I assembled the first Exile leg. I like to do arms and legs one at a time, so I can make sure everything is the way I want it before making the matching one.

I remade several parts on this more than once, and worked out all the rigging and the order I need to put everything on.

As I’m chipping away at Morne’s armor, I also began constructing my chosen prop, the Cathedral Knight Greatsword. I’m using EVA foam and PVC pipe for internal structure. I also made it threaded at the handle so it can be detached for easier transportation

Back to Morne’s armor, here’s some progress on it. Today I’m making the right pauldron, then painting this section.

This is the first time I used elastic and riveted snaps as an attachment style instead of magnets or Velcro, and I must say, it’s my new favorite method of attachment. They’re super solid, and the riveted look worked in favor of the costume in this case. I used googly eyes on the other side to match the look.


Just about done with the build. It’s down to getting the proper shirt for beneath Morne’s armor and mounting the elbow armor, adding a couple belts and chains, and putting some lighting in the Estus flasks. I’m also going to throw the main armor around outside and stomp on the cloth so it gets nice and distressed


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