Which location should we aim for first?

  • Hoodoo Trail

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  • Horseshoe Canyon

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  • Other- Read below

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Viper 466

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Post is pretty self explanatory. I'm hoping to set up a photo shoot with a few photographers and have it open to folks from all over. I will be making a post in Calgary Cosplay, Edmonton Cosplay Events, and the Edmonton Cosplay page.

I don't know exactly how many of us can make it, and I don't want to have too many photographers. Ideally 3-5 photogs at most. I'm going to ask about this as a TFP (trade for print/time for print) deal but we may need to chip to bring some folks out if we want to expand the pool, or bring specific people. Let me know your thoughts on this. The reason for the cap is that way we don't drown in folks shooting, or chew up too much of peoples time waiting for us to be available. We also get to spread out a bit and have different styles and such. I would like to shoot at 2 locations, they're about 30 minutes travel time apart with varying terrain and different set ups. Show up on location 1 so we can use the daylight with the Hoodoos and then move to horseshoe or vice versa. I'm not super preferential. If you have any other locations in mind let me know and we can see what's what though I won't guarantee we can fit them in. Keep in mind suit up, partial suit down, suit up timelines. We will most likely need (like 99%) to contact park authorities about this else we risk having the police show up (bad times)

1: Hoodoos Trail: No Tri-pods in the Hoodoo's Hand Held Only, we stay on the clear paths/boardwalk as we will be unsupervised. We will be respectful of the space and those in it.
2: Horseshoe Canyon: Will be a No Go After trying to reach them since last week I finally heard back from Kneehill and they close Horse Shoe to this during the months of May - mid Sept.
3: Horse Thief Canyon - Green
4: Hills around Drumheller - Green. RCMP about us and are okay with us being site.

RAINFALL Please be aware that there has been substantial rainfall in the last few days leading to potentially muddy conditions.

The RCMP and city of Drumheller have been notified. The Royal Tyrell Museum will allow us to photograph in the Hoodoos but it is a public space so be warned and be ready to leave if it gets too crowded.

I am waiting to hear from Kneehill county.
So far no permits needed though if we go any larger we will need to send in paperwork so keep it small and quick. Everyone is green for us to drop. Hours provided are 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm as a wide window allowing us to move and have time to eat.

Scotch & Arak on Instagram is in
Athane Photography - Asking for the day off, not confirmed yet.
Kyle - Tw1tch3n on IG

Confirmed attending:
Viper 466
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Peter - Marine


Timeline: Afternoon through evening. I want to aim for when it starts to cool off a little and maybe do some low light or night shooting if we can. This will mean long travel times for folks not Calgary based. Without the heat dome we had last year, 2020's temps were around the high teens to low 20's so lots of water, and hopefully sunshine. From what I can see 3pm is apex so then onward it cools off.

Please use this thread to coordinate rides/travel time. Not everyone in the 405 has wheels and we need to keep in mind those members should they want to attend. No Friendo Left Behind.

If you have any thoughts and such please don't hesitate to post em below. I'll update this post as we get closer with more info, or if anything changes.
Lastly, if you feel sick or ill please play it safe and remain home. Remember folks. "There'll be another time."

I look forward to seeing you all planet side.
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Viper 466

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I’ll be there, I’d like to bring one of our own handler/ photographers so we all get some raw photos to do what we want with no strings attached. Like Jeff or Greg from ota were both good.
I like the 2 locations idea.
That works for me. Greg might be main choice, but I am also making sure to invite Jeff out.

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