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I recently purchased a canon Rebel T3i/600D. It's an awesome camera, but I am having a few problems that I have no clue how to fix. The first one is when I try to import my video into sony vegas, It comes out really choppy even after transcoding. The second problem is actually with a SDHC card. I just bought a class 4 SDHC card to replace a class 2 card. Now I can only record 8 seconds of video when I used to be able to fill the class 2 card with 1080p footage. Am I doing something wrong or am I just stupid?
I will be your bestest friend in the world if anyone can help.


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Check out Planet5D forums for other users with similar issues. Likely someone else had it and fixed it.

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Ok, so. With the SD card, it sounds like a bad card. Try Formatting it through the camera, also does it do it with the other card?
For the video, They are H.264 format video and rather large files. Is the video choppy on anything else? If so; one thing to look at is if you are recording with the correct settings. Put the Shutter speed (I Think ) double what the frame rate (30fps = 60 shutter, 60 = 120 shutter) it is said to keep it at the 60 marks (60, 120, 240) the faster the shutter the more odd it looks, like video a fountain at different shutter rates, you'll see.
I have a beefy computer and it still stutters sometimes with the video. You should change it into another format before trying to edit it. Also if your low on RAM upgrade it.
But if everything on the computer side check out good, also your filming on the best settings. It might be the camera.


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I've tried formatting it, but the result is the same. It has a white bar on the side of the screen that slowly fills up. when it fills up, it stops and says that recording has stopped automatically. It has happened a few times with the other card, but it usually lets me start again with no problems.
As for the editing, the video is choppy with every editor I have except the trial for Adobe Premiere elements 9 (which I do not like very much). I have been putting into different formats before editing, but it still comes out choppy. I'll try tweaking the settings to see if that helps my card problem.

It turns out that the sd card that I bought was not DSLR friendly... but my brother had one that was the same size and class that was dslr friendly. So I fixed that problem. Now onto the next.