Need help to pick a dremel

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Now that I have some experience with cosplay and prop making I want to take it to a next level of quality. But I need a dremel to do that. And I don't know which ones are good. If there are people who work with this tool, and I'm pretty sure there are plenty, could you tell me what you're using? That would be much appreciated.
Well, Dremel is a name brand for a "Rotary Tool," how Band-Aid is a brand of adhesive medical strips, or Kleenex is a facial tissue. That said, just like in both of those cases, the brand has become synonymous with the product due to its popularity and how well spread it is. Dremels are robust, well known, and well liked rotary tools with a proven track record. I would definitely recommend one of the corded models as the cordless or battery powered ones don't seem to have the power of the plug in models, and it's worth it to not have to interrupt your progress to recharge or change the battery.

The Dremel 3000 is the middle of the road model.
I’ve got a dremel 3000 too and yup it’s a good one.
Only thing I’d mention is it’s got a chunky body/handle and a little unwieldy in certain situations. Though it doesn’t take to much time to get used to it. If you’re doing work on smaller props or needing to dremel the insides of something the 3000 is a bit big.
Expanding on what Electraknite said, you can also get a Flex Shaft accessory for the Dremel. This adds an extension cord, so to say, to the Dremel that allows you to get much finer control with the tool by reducing the weight and size of the part you hold. Take a look below:
My recommendations are to avoid battery-powered ones so you get a consistent amount of power output, and to pick up the flex shaft if you can.
I personally use the Dremel 7700, but anything that spins should do the trick.
My Dremel 3000 arrived today. And I wanted to say thank you all for your recommendations as well as pieces of advices. I'll be working with it as it is for now. But I might consider buying myself a flex shaft sometime in the future.
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