Early Halo

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No, just a long time SF and Star Trek fan. I've known what an AI is for years, HAL from 2001 and Data from Star Trek were both AIs, two different types but still AIs :)
I like the way he's turning the corners. And he's running so fast XD

Also the way he's crounching.

Funny :D

And you can play Halo CE on Macs
I also saw some gamplay fottage like this where the early Chief was sniping out some elites to clear out an LZ. Still it's interesting to see where the entire Halo franchise began :D
They never realized Halo was going to be such a hit, there like, uhhh, another game, Holy ****, this is ghey.
The Kraken said:
Jarhead, you're not a Red vs Blue fan, are you? hahaha

red vs blue is great, at first i hated it then i found out i had just watched 2 seasons in a row
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