EL Wire

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I've looked around for it, and I know where to buy it, but I have one simple question:

Does EL wire have LEDs or some kind of light source in it, or is it a light pipe for another light?
I'm pretty sure it's not the latter, but a guy used it in his energy sword and said he had also used LEDs (though it may have been to give the sword more blue glow).
Thanks for listening and please reply! :D

Also, please note that I am not accepting any more testers for my game, Halo: Apocalypse. Sorry.
okies first El wire is a copper wire coated in a phosphorus and when electrically charged it excites the phosphorus causing it to glow through a PVC tube of color making it bendable and bright for the most part it runs on AC current and needs an inverter. second there are several sources for EL wire try vibe lights its pretty good ,unless your an electronics genius you should go for the EZ connectors. and i think there is a place to order El wire that runs on a DC current so look for it also it would be easyest to work with. also EL wire comes in a variety of colors
how do you hook up EL wires so it will fit in a sword handle, run up each side of an energy sword, and have a switch to turn it on? PICS?!?!?!
ok first there are several pics from sean and another guy displaying it. But basically with an AC current theres 2 1.5volt AA batteries hooked into a power inverter which supplies the charge to the copper wire. after soldering the wires into the inverter you( generally most people use plexi glass)get a sheet of quarter inch plexiglass and cut the blades out then with a router rout the passages along two blades one on each side then place the El wire into those grooves and the inverter into the handle keep in mind the inverter has a switch which needs to be within reach so place it into the handle in such a what that you can use it easily. now place the two other blades ontop of the ones with the EL wire in them and Bolt them together at the handle end. And you can secure them at the top also if you want to. you can do this with only one side of plexi per blade if you want just need to secure the wire. now you can frost the blade with white gloss spray paint to make it glow brighter. and or put LEDs in it also for extra design and shine. its really up to you
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