My first Project in 2020... Making a Sangheili Elite


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Hi everyone,
Kristoffer here from Singapore.
Started building my very first Halo Costume in 2020.
Trying to make a Sangheili Elite from Pepakura files.
I just started to make the head 3 day ago.... to see if it work out fine for me.
So far I just build up this much...

Hope is not too bad....
Will update once there is progress.


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Awesome build do far. Do you plan on wearing it as a cosplay?
Thank you for the encouragement to keep me going building this project.... I was trying to make it wearable... See how I can modify it to see through from inside..... Need to build up the armor first and than do a test fitting for it... Look out for the update on this project

eric draven

I was just asking because with all the pieces it would take to make a split jaw, it would get quite heavy going the cardstock paper way. Have you considered trying EVA foam?