Elder Scrolls Khajiiti Werewolf: Build Upgrade

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Hey all, my Arbiter Build is still on going, however I've been working on upgrading my previous build recently and thought I would create a new thread focused on it.

This build is from the Elder Scrolls Online, and originally comprised of 2 costumes in 1.
The idea was to have a costume that could fully transform from a Khajiit into a Werewolf.

Although I put together a full costume that could transform, I never ended up getting around to have a video of the transformation other than just the head.
Eso Khajiiti Werewolf Head Finished Transformation

Completed Build - Werewolf Under-Layer | Khajiit Top Cover

(11) Khajiiti Werewolf Version 1.0 Final.jpg
As the full transformation was quite time consuming, I've chosen to change course.
Instead of a full transformation, the build will now become a permanent 'mid-transformation'.

I hope to have the completed project pinned to this first post, by the time the build is finished, with the progress in the following posts.

|Final Build goes here|
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To start this project off I thought I would work on the most important part first, the Head!
As I work on the new 'Mid-Transformation' Concept, I also plan to improve/repair issues I had in version 1.0.

The Starting Point for Both Head Layers - Werewolf Under-Layer | Khajiit Top Cover
(11a) Khajiiti Werewolf Head Overhaul.jpg

After working out my game plan, I started to cut away half of the face with some small clippers.
The Red Wig was also cut back as I plan to change it over to a better one.

A Slideshow of the Horrors of losing half your face to your inner beast!
(11b) Khajiiti Werewolf Head Overhaul.jpg

I plan to fix up the back half and maybe even add some 'khajiit pieces' back onto the werewolf cheek.
At first I wasn't too sure if I liked the top layer as is, but it's grown on me now.
Just needs a lot of touchups by the end.
Here is the 'Mid-Transformation' in a Rough Concept form.
(11c) Head Mid Transformation Rough Concept.jpg

After I had a rough idea of what this project will look like, I began to focus on the insides.
One major issue with the build was that the was a lot of 'stuff' crammed into the head.

Eyes with lights, moving eyelids (which broke), spring jaw (also broke), expanding nose & jaw areas for 'werewolf shape', electronics for moving/twitching ears and so many magnets for Khajiit Top-Layer to attach to.
All this stuff made wearing the head quite uncomfortable.
So... I have now removed most of it!

The mess of stuff like the eyelid circuit has been painfully cut out of the frontal area.
The werewolf eyes have been temporarily removed, as I plan to move the visible werewolf eye forward.
The battery packs for the ear circuits are getting a 'foam pocket' at the rear of the head.
2 small fans will be installed in the 'cheek areas' to provide some fresh air.
Left to Right - Removal of Parts in the Front Area | New Padding Starting to be Installed
(11d) Inner Head Refitting.jpg

Left to Right: Eye Removal Surgery
| Visible Werewolf Eye to be reinstalled further forward | Left eye permanently removed to make space for Khajiit Eye.
(11e) Eye Removal.jpg

Next up I'll continue to reinstall padding to the inside of the head.
Not sure how long this build will take to complete, but I hope to keep you all updated on this journey in-between Arbiter updates!
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