Election Results for 2018

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    Good morning all!

    Elections are now concluded. I know that some of you are thinking....."What? So fast??" In most cases we only had one completed nomination and therefore there is no need to continue forward - they automatically become the next RCO.

    Southern remains the same for the coming year with Asgardianhammer as the RCO (and as you know, also still as the Division Identity Officer), with brkiker remaining as RXO and AugmentedHuman013 remaining as RCMO.

    Australia also remains the same with Sierra 107 as the RCO (and continuing as the Division Membership Officer), whereisdanielle as RXO and Bambii as RMO.

    The Canadian Regiment has had a change. BlazedStarbon, the former RMO is now the new RCO. Artifice remains as RXO and new to the staff is TurboCharizard as RMO.

    Midwest also has seen some change. Cadet remains as RCO (and of course as DXO). Lazkin who was the RXO and RMO has decided it's time for a well earned break. If you are part of Midwest and considering taking on a more active roll, please let Cadet know!

    I'm just waiting to hear back from our other Regiments before confirming staff, but the RCO's for Pacific (EVAkura), Mexico (AZTLAN), European (nintendstroid) and Colonial (Ashuraa) remain the same.

    Mountain and Southwest are currently without an RCO and over the coming days we on Division will be deciding how to best look after their needs until such time as one can be found. This is most definitely not an ideal situation so please, if you are considering a more active roll, come talk to me.

    These people who have stepped forward to lead your local Regiments need your support and constructive feedback. Just like us here on Division, they cannot know you have an issue or concern if you don't tell them. And while you have not had the opportunity to vote for these people because in all cases, only one person was nominated, they are still your elected representation and they are working for YOU. I hear from time to time that it feels like Division is ignoring certain areas etc. This saddens me greatly. As with your RCO's we can only deal with what we hear about. If you aren't telling your RCO, they cannot tell us and no resolution can be had. If you HAVE told your RCO and you still haven't received a response, you most definitely can always come talk to us on Division. Don't just assume that no one is listening. I can guarantee you that if you come to me, you're always going to get an answer, even if it's not the answer you're looking for. In all cases I will do my best though to come to the best resolution of the situation possible given the circumstances.

    Being a member of a staff at any level is a bit like a job. I never expect people to spend all of their free time on this stuff. But I very much do expect that if they have chosen to represent you, that they DO in fact represent you. If you feel like that isn't happening, you need to speak to your RCO. Open up that communication and you may well see that much of what happens is just in the background. Or you may find that unfortunately the communication has broken down in which case you need to come to me next so we can fix that. In short, the onus is on all of you to make sure that we know your concerns. Plus, remember to take the time to thank your staff for a job well done from time to time. We often forget to thank those that make it possible for us to do the fun stuff so while it's really important to make sure we hear about concerns, it's also important to hear about the good stuff.

    A good staff should have someone here every few days to once per week to check in HERE on anything that needs to be passed along to the membership, any concerns from their membership and where necessary, posting about how events went etc. to share with the rest of the 405th. With a 3 person staff, at a VERY minimum that would mean that each of them only have to be here once every 3 weeks. Of course, I'd much prefer to see that each member of a staff is checking in that often but once in awhile, real life takes a hold and we don't have as much spare time as we'd like. So long as 1 staff member is here every few days to once per week, the needs of the Regiment can still be met. We've unfortunately had some Regiments go without anyone doing anything for months at a time without complaint from a single member of the Regiment. We can't allow that to continue, but we need the membership to tell us when they feel things aren't going well. I chalk most of this up to people just not knowing it should be better. Which is why I'm posting this. You should be hearing from a Regiment staff member weekly at a minimum ON THIS FORUM. Even if it's just to post up a reminder or checking in to see how everyone is. We know that much of the communication for some Regiments tends to happen on social media. That is 100% fine except for event planning, Regiment organization/discussion, builds, tutorials or anything else that is important to retain. Certainly a link to that discussion here can be posted on FB, but the actual content must be here.

    If anyone has any questions about this, please let me know. We are here for YOU!

    All in all a community is nothing without communication. So please, talk to us!
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    Great news on all Fronts FANGS ! We here at Division and as Regiment staff are here to support membership at all times! Lets get 2018 rolling by seeing more build posts on the forum. Show us fun with friends at build parties or just playing a few rounds of matchmaking with fellow Halo nuts! Most importantly lets have conversations here at the 405th!
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    I'M DOING MY BEST BUT I ONLY HAVE SO MANY HOURS IN THE DAY FOR BUILDING. There's literally eight props waiting beside the paint booth right now and a bunch of photos on my camera waiting to be uploaded, I hope you're ready for a blast of non-Halo stuff in my build threads.
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    Asgardianhammer has graciously agreed to taking on the Southwest Regiment while we get that sorted out. Thank you for this, Robert!
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    Yup! Its my pleasure to serve our fine Costuming Group! I will approach this in several parts.
    Step 1. Send out some basic info both on the forum and in the regiment page.
    Step 2. Get to know people personally. Goes a long way to finding leadership!
    Step 3. Identify Candidates and ask!

    Step 4. And the most important part...Step away!
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    Congratulations to all the recurring and new RCOs, RXOs MXOs, DXOs, and every letter combination there of.

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