Elite costuming

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Sarge Christi

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Yeah, i have no idea where this would go.
But. since I'm getting close to finishing MC's helmet, I was thinking I'd take a daring crack at an Elite suit.

The sucky things I've noticed about elites is there head.

They kind of arch over. Like this

yes, i'm not good at paint.

I was wondering, what should I do to begin.
Unfortunatel, fibre glass would only be good on the armor.
I'm wondering what to do for the elite's skin.
Armor comes after I get a naked Elite.

I figured I'd go to my favorite superstore, wal-mart and look at the cloth they have. That have pleather, which might work for alien skin.
If not, i was thinking of trying to make a mold out of rubber or silcone of somekind to give the Elite the skin-ish look and feel.

Any ideas?
Some guy made a real elite costume that had a moving mouth and everythin. The costume had stilts in it and you couldnt see his face it was like somewher inside the body part.
You could try going out and getting a monkey suit, or an alien costume. One of those rubbery ones. Find one with a similar body to the elite. Strip it of everything but the rubber parts. And Then coat the rubber parts with rubber paint. Based on the elite's skin color. Then, make the armor pieces overlayed on the rubber suit. The head is most likely going to have to be custom made. I know there was a guy who made an Elite suit, I just can't remember for the life of me where the heck that website that displayed his suit was... : (

But, again. Rubber suit, a good idea might be those full body muscle suits. Then make the head. Paint the skin color the way you want it. And make the armor, and then make the armor the color you want it and voila. Elite bon appetit : P

Good luck Christi!
Your friend
As for the neck piece, you could use a large rubber hood thing, then attach a head piece, but you have to make it balance so it doesn't injure you :eek

But good luck on the project :mrgreen:
A dude made one already? but wouldn't it be hard to walk on stilts? :Steve:

oh well. i'm still gonna take a crack at it.

thanks fitz.
i'll consider that
As for making an Elite costume there is but one authority on the subject: Matt Asanuma. Unfortunately Matt has never made it here to the site... actually I believe he's out of the country on missionary work.


As you can see his costume is really involved... Looks to be mostly sculpted foam over a internal framework, with some polystyrene armor...

You should be able to glean some info from the threads here as to how to do it...
you're a costume saver sean! thanks

**Holy edit batman, that is a freakin' sweet costume.
*drops dead*
Thats awesome, its also funny because he managed to get the legs to look like dog legs and the mouth is open... good times.
Christi, if you want to do something like this elite costume well, it takes time and careful planning. (planning helps me personally)
oh yeah, i realize, i've been drawing up stuff for it.
i'm gonna take A LOT more time on this than on MC.

plus, i'm good at sewing and i'll probably need to know how since most of the suit will be some sort of cloth material.
i've already begun to note how difficult the legs will be..
Yea they kinda look like dog legs, with only 2 toes on each foot. Have you thought how your going to get the hands done?
I don't think you'll have that hard of a problem with the legs, just add lots of padding to the knees and separate it from your skin using cloth, then your leg will appear as though it were an elites ;-)
yea, plus with all that padding it would seem like it could get really hot wearing the costume in public.
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