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Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by m073, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Masky


    I really like this one as well but again 2 more stars on every side would be awesome
  2. Bonepunk


    I was bored so I made my banner how it looks like a patch.


  3. Raigal


    awesome work already boys :) cool stuff
  4. Derek Sharkner

    Derek Sharkner

  5. m073



    Two more stars ;)
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  6. m073



    so now we need to find a banner together with the UK Regiment? Adding a sword to the eagle and stars? :)
  7. Chernobyl


    I could get behind that. SPARTAN II did an absolutely amazing job of the proposed Excalibur banner, which I've attached here for posterity. Adding a sword behind the eagle would probably be a good bet, I could mock something up.

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  8. m073


    stars, swords, eagle, 405th logo and some color

  9. 247District

    247District 405th Regiment Officer

    I did something for the logo
    european regiment.jpg
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  10. 247District

    247District 405th Regiment Officer

    european regiment.jpg after a few adjustments
  11. Cendrilth


    Hey guys,
    first time posting here and stuff like that so... *yay* ...
    Now that I did that, I have two ideas for the logo that lean on the existing 405th logo as a base, combined with a shield, symbolizing our european history...
    you know medieval and stuff... and of course the twelve stars which everybody knows from the classical european flag. So here you go:

    Would be glad to hear your opinions on it


    Here is another version of the first one, including text.
    This one is Masky's and my personal favourite:
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  12. m073


    Hey, looks nice!

    An eagle is missing :D
  13. nintendstroid

    nintendstroid 405th Regiment Officer

    hej guys, forgot to mention but since 2 days someone is looking at all the logos so get stuff in while you can the end is near!
  14. CasualCosplayer


    The last one is just soooo good!

  15. Cendrilth


    m073 Do we really need an eagle in our Logo? I think its quite overloaded if I would add one to my Version. I like it simple :)
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  16. Masky


    The logo should not have too many things in it, but also show whats special about us. Eagles are nice but thats too american in my opinion and the UNSC already has it in the logo so it should be on most suits already ^^. A single sword might be fine to add. The logo should be easy to replicate (stencils etc.) and therefore must be able to be converted to B/W in my opinion.
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  17. m073


    I could live without it :) For printing and small signs it is not good.

    Clean and simple is better than full with things in the logo, perhaps we can make a flag or something with more stuff inside. Those things are printed much bigger, like the UNSC Logo.
  18. nintendstroid

    nintendstroid 405th Regiment Officer

    Ok guys the higher ups have finished all the logos. We will reveal them later this week!
    And some other suprises
  19. Masky


    I'm hyped :D
  20. Chernobyl


    Going to put this down here before things even begin here:

    I've noticed that one or two other Regiments have been getting new Regimental logos without the design process being vetted through the Regiments that the logos are being designed for - or, at least, if these new logos are being vetted, they're certainly not being vetted through the 405th, which is an argument I had a long time ago regarding the Southern Regiment logo.

    Masterchief0624, I'm going to ask you here and now for confirmation that European isn't going to be forced to adopt a new logo without the vetting process going through the correct channels. Facebook discussions are not the place to be conducting these processes (if indeed such processes are occurring), and should the Regiment be receiving a custom logo, proper notice should first be given to that Regiment rather than simply taking the work upon yourself and commissioning somebody to do the work to a standard that you feel represents the identity of the Regiment.

    I appreciate the work being put into organising the Regiments - but I do not appreciate decisions that affect me being undertaken without my input. I'm sure there are many others among both my own Regiment, and other Regiments, that would agree with this sentiment. Therefore, I'm asking for confirmation on the above before I clamber up onto my soapbox - hopefully, an argument can be averted if a decent explanation is given.
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  21. Masterchief0624


    Hello Chernobyl, this quesiton will be better answered by our DIO Asgardianhammer. We did show a "preview" of the logos to the RCO's a few weeks ago. None of the process took place on FB. It was our designers that helps us on this.
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  22. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Chernobyl, these logos have all been vetted as intended, by the Division staff and by the Regiment staff. It was never intended to be vetted by individual members.
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  23. Chernobyl


    Under the assumption that minor adjustments only were to be made. On the whole I'm seeing a lot of logos redesigned from the ground up - doesn't that entirely nullify the point of engaging in the design process by the community to begin with? It's pants-on-head batsplit insane to take an identity that some Regiments have worked hard on for months, snatch it out from under their noses, and then say 'actually, we don't like this, use that instead' without so much as a consultation first.

    Do I mind re-designing the Logos to fit the guidelines? Hell no. Do I mind the logos being re-designed behind closed doors without input from the communities that were responsible for giving those designs life? Hell yes.
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  24. Masky


    I hope we don't end up with something nobody can identify with :/
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  25. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Clearly there was a misunderstanding about the process that was being taken. :(


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