Fallout 4 Raider/Sole Survivor Build!


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So outside of the Halo universe, I am always stoked about a good apocalypse flavoured game. The Metro series has been one of my favourites for a good long while, and I fell in love with Fallout 4 when my good friend bought it for me a few years ago. When my good friend, Viper 466 , built his Fallout Armor, I figured it would be a good idea to follow suit! When we attend conventions together, it’s nice to be able to troop around in costumes from the same genre.

During my couple play through a of FO4, my favourite Armor (for aesthetics, not the stats haha) became the assault gas mask and the cage Armor for the body. As much as I like power Armor, I wanted to build a costume that was more comfortable and forgiving than my Halo suit, and less cumbersome than my Pyramid Head.

On this build, I went pretty much full Eva foam. Even most of my chain links are made from Eva, cut from strips, heat formed, and glued into links. As per my usual, no templates were involved in this build. Everything, including the gas mask, is built from looking at reference photos and freehanding it. All of the rust is real. During my painting process, I sprinkle metal shavings into my wet paint. Once the paint is dry, I generously spray the parts with a solution of water, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar. It causes the metal shavings to rust intensely within a few hours. My pip boy is just from spirit Halloween with a quick repaint. The institute rifle from this photo shoot was made by my good friend Kilo, who you can find on Instagram @nuketowntraders. The skilled photographer, if you want to check him out, is @chadsteeves on the gram. If you guys would like any progress photos, let me know, and I can dig out my old phone for the pics! Pictures!