X-01 Power Armor build


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Yep, I’m going to make full scale X-01 Power armor from Fallout 4.

I plan to give it a gunner paint job, with military green and a white star on the center. The eyes will have diffused red LEDs for a more intimidating look.

To capture the scale appropriately, which is about 7 feet, I am building a pair of drywall stilts into the shin and boot armor. These stilts will give me necessary 16.5” lift to bring me to 7 feet tall. Ideally, the scale of the armor will work with me being stilted in it.


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Tonight I completed the initial construction of the left shin. As always with the first piece of a new build, there were a few errors and changes made along the way. In order to fit the stilt into this, I will need to remove the foot of the stilt and reattach it after the frame of the stilt is put through the shin armor.

Next, I will assemble the left boot. Before I continue beyond the legs, I want to ensure the stilt idea will be as successful as I’m anticipating it to be.


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I finished the first boot. With a bit of manipulation, the stilt does fit into the shin. It stretches the piece a bit, but I’m not going to worry about it. When I’m ready to fully secure it in, I’ll adhere the stilts to the foam. I’m building the thigh next, and that will really determine if this particular stilt will work for this build


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this is cool, i'm definitely looking forward to seeing your progress on this one, building something this large is just not something I want to attempt, so you're braver than I.

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