fallout new vegas no load glitch info read!!!!!!!!!

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allright guys as some of you know fallout new vegas has a big glitch called the no load glitch this glitch coses you to not be able to load saved games its happend to me and a lot of others. i called teck support about it and they said "we have been awere of this problem for a week know and we are in the process of repering it the glitch usally acurs on the come fly with me qwest" i have allready compleated the come fly with me qwest but it did not freeze for me but the glitch later accured win i accepted the qwest ???? so i forgot the name of the qwest but its the one where you have to go to the sasparella botteling factery where u have to disable the cap making machin. the guy at teck support gave me some advice he said "if you can, load a deffernt saved game one before the the qwests listed above and avoid the qwest by every means do not go eny where neer those qwests or qwests that are realated". so i asked when will the patch arive and he said "we have not recieved a date but keep cheking the game for the update. the update when it comes will be introduced when you start the game". there u go fallout fans try to spred this around and if this was helpfull comment. .


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Next time use better grammar.
And its just a small glitch that they are going to fix in a couple of days.

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