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  • Dear AlexSpartan177, WHERE'S MY REFUND FOR THE 2 x REACH AR's YOU NEVER MADE ME!!! As you can expect I eagerly await your reply.
    is pepakura a safe site? my family downloaded it and our computer got buggered up not too long after downloading it.
    hey alex i tryed to respond to your pm but i couldent get through ill try to pm you again later i had other questions thanks bro
    hey dude i was just wondering if you know of anyone whith a high level of skill when it comes to unfolding pepakura models?
    Alex this caboose from xbox does your friend have any code sill
    The blog read you posted on 7/31. Which was after you came back. If that's an error, sorry about this then. I try to make sure I keep try of when what is posted so people aren't being accused of stuff from days, weeks, or even months old.

    Still, try to be nicer to the new members. We were all there once in age and inexperience.
    Alex, it seems you been made a target lately as you been reported by two different people again. This time for went on in the link below. So I'm going to give you one last chance...knock of your crap or 'pack your things'. This whole belittlement attitude you have toward other forum members on this site will stop or I'll stop it for you. Get reported again for anything more after this and that's that. Either play by the rules or don't play at all. My hands are tied.

    you got banned for cursing, but so many people went through your recent posts and the couldn't find anything wrong :/
    Strike two...censoring one letter out of a curse word is still cursing even if it is on spam blogs.

    You only get one more strike and then you're gone.
    hey hey, ive added you on facebook, my name is nat woodland just in case you think its a weirdo adding you ahaha :D
    Infraction for cursing...knock it off or you will be banned. This is your official strike one.

    Posting this because PMs aren't working.
    Okay, sounds good. And if I have to paint it, I can make it really pretty and then when I send it back, you might have a smexy Reach AR. lol :D
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