Fallout new vegas veteran rager helmet problems


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So ive ben making this mask and encountered a few problems: the "nose" does not connect with the rest of the mask and the pepakura ive ben using is kinda hard for a first time maker (me)

So i want your suggestions and help how to fix problem
And can you please post your pdf files of vet. ranger helmets? Thank you
(note: i do not have a pdo viewer so yea)
EDIT: ive fixed the problem :) but still pls post your pdf in the comments


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I'm sorry that this post hasn't gotten any replies. There aren't a ton of people doing pep around here anymore. It's going to be very hard to troubleshoot your problems without some kind of pdo viewer or editor though, I'd highly recommend picking one up.
Yeah I really wish I could be of more help... I'm a foam and printing boi all the way tho :/

This pep stuff is outside my knowledge

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