Farewell 405th hello Air Force

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by FlusherCape26, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Hey everyone it's been awhile. Just so you all know I'm not leaving the 405th, I'm just leaving for Air Force Basic Training. It's been a great 3 years and I've enjoyed every day of it :D but now I'm starting the next chapter of my life. I can't wait to come back and start making armor again :) I'm gonna miss you all and see you soon
    - Trainee Rainer (soon to be Airmen First Class)
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    Let us know how it goes! I would be there myself, but the rules changed and an old injury prevents my service now. Go show the other branches how it's really done, Airman! :D
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    Props to you sir. Unfortunately, my eyesight is so bad that it precludes me from service.
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    Be sure to sign up for the augmentation process for the Spartan program.
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    Good luck! Thanks for your service! We wouldn't be a country without people like you willing to put their life on the line!

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