Favorite Video Game Songs


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Mana Khemia's Nefertiti

Skrillex - Syndicate (just ignore the name if you hate skrillex and just enjoy the sound)

Final Fantasy X - To zanarkand
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Croc co

Updated list

Assassins creed 2 original soundtrack " ezios family" ( keeps me calm on legendary reach)

Chrono trigger normal battle music

Back alley royal



Odst music tracks

Chasing the sun

Screw the nether

AND the skyrim title theme! :)
Red Vs Blue
Season 10
Mental Meta Metal
Welcome to Maine
Season ??
Red Vs. Blue
Season 9
Falling Toward the Sky & On Your Knees

PS: RvB 4 Life
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It wouldnt be proper to not say Breaking benjamin blow me away from the halo 2 soundtrack[video]http://youtu.be/5yHuuBZgif0[/video]

Croc co

What's the music that plays when your escorting bucks falcon in reach?

Cause I get soooo hyped when I here that, I end out jumping out of my falcon to hijack a really low flying banshee


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I gotta go with the ol' Metal Gear Solid 2 theme song. One of my most favorite games ever, and the theme never gets old
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