Female Demon Hunter Armour [PICTURE HEAVY]


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Well thanks guys! Just printed out a pair of helmets that I'll be starting tonight, Eeeeeee!


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I've send you a PM about the patterns, I'm starting with armors and this will be my first armor proyect. Anyway, your armor is, simply, amazing ^^


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I've been looking for the pattern everywhere! Unfortunatly I m not able to draw it my self... I really would like to do this armor. Please can i have it?


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Hey all! So my girlfriend decided she wanted to cosplay as a female DH from Diablo 3, not for anything special just as a general timekilling project, and as I was only with her for a few days before she decided to do this, I thought I'd get as much done with her as I could, and record our progress! I've asked her to take pictures of everything as she does it when I've left, so hopefully the thread will be updated until completion!

To give the general idea.

Also, if anyone happens to want the patterns, just ask and I'll go about finding a way to scan them and get them up!
Would it be possible to ask for the patterns? I'm really interested in doing this build.