FFA series number 19 : Reworked ODST M6


Hi everyone.

Overview So far :

FFA series number 1 : Halo Reach type SMG M7
FFA series number 2 - Halo Wars/MKIV helmet
FFA series number 3 - MA37
FFA series number 4 - MA5D Modular design, Coalminer series.
FFA series number 5 - M20 Coalminer series.
FFA series number 6 - Halo DMR.
FFA series number 7- BR85HB SR - Coalminer series.
FFA series number 8 : Remixed DC17 Clone Wars Blaster
FFA series number 9-(coalminer series)- Halo Reach MFDD
FFA series number 10 : M45 Shotgun
FFA series number 11: Scattershot -coalminer series
FFA series number 12: Railgun-Coalminer Series-Ultra Detail Edition
FFA series number 13 : Medkit - Coalminer Series
FFA series number 14: M73 LMG
FFA series number 15 : Modular M6H gun + variations
FFA series number 16 : M739 Light Machine Gun AKA "SAW"
FFA series number 17 : Grenades, Repurposed ones revisited.
FFA series number 18 : Optimized for Print Doom Preator helmet.

Well, the perks of knowing a couple of good people is that, evening when ones' own machine has decided to go horribly belly-up (my Imac had been acting up for days now, but soon after the completion of the first itterration of the Doom helmet it's now degraded from "slightly sick" to "awaiting euthanasation".)

So while I can't really do anything myself for the time being, it's always nice to see a friend drop by with some new goodies. In this case, Johannes -who I did this great ODST M7 with last year : be sure the check it out as it now shows a couple of pictures of the ready prop- came up with a cleaned up, improved ODST M6, based upon the much loved dan0tor original at Thingiverse. Johannes explained that although the dan0tor model was great, it had several issues which the original and the subsequetial remixes of the original, aswell as a couple of dimensional errors and missing details. And infact, stuff like 'the mag doesn't fix' was indeed reported but never cleaned or corrected by the original posters if I may believe the comments' section on Thingiverse.

Hence, Johannes took it upon himself to correct all the stuff he could find was wrong with it, and make these correct again. A short list of the most important repairs he did are (and I quote) :

- Slide: changed the overall shape, including the serrations in the back and the cocking indicator (or whatever that is supposed to be) in the back. Also added some detail on the top of it
- Front: changed overall shape to fit the original more (still not perfect though)
-Trigger: detailing Grip: slightly widened magazine slot lower
- Body: some shape changes, added details including slide catch and mag release button (non functional unfortunately)
- Laser sight: shape changes, detailing
- ..... and some other minor nags.

As always, services are provided free and as-is. If you bump into issues, just give a shout.

The thingy looks like this now :


And can be downloaded here :


A big thanks to Johannes who still somehow found the time to do this while working on his thesis. :D

If you want to know more about this nice young ODST, you can look him up here :

Superintendent Cosplay

As always, have loads of fun, use as you will, and till next time.

Kaween out.
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