FFA series number 9-(coalminer series)- Halo Reach MFDD


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alright, guys! on behalf of MasterPrinterTheWise (A.K.A. kaween) I will be releasing this model myself.

this new addition to the Free-for-All series is the first of this year, and we'd like to start the year off with a bang!:D 63 terajoules of bang, to be exact!

So: this model, the MFDD, or in technical terms, the Medium Fusion Destructive Device was used by Noble Team in the Halo Reach trailer 'Deliver Hope'.
Halo reach tactical nuke v17.png

(the model is at the bottom of this post)
enjoy this model, have fun blowing up covenant cruisers:D, and do whatever you'd like with it, and all of us 3D nerds will keep working hard and continue delivering the best of the best for free throughout 2017!

and, yes as a particular 3D nerd once said "we're not in this for the money"
and we're happy to keep providing models for you guys, and putting smiles on people's faces!



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glad you like it! post a pic on this thread once you're finished printing, smoothing and painting it!

Happy printing!:)


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Sweet....I don't do 3D printing......but it is good to know that if I ever did....I'll have the ability to created a bomb.........Fake one that is......