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i really should have done some research but i couldent be botherd. My dad went to the isle of man TT yesterday. and when he comes back he promised me weed fiberglas my suit? were gonna b using fiberglass resin and paint it on.....but whats the difference between fiberglass and bondo? and can you get diffrent types of fiberglass?

thanx for any help :dee:
bondo is a name band they have filler which im guessing that your talking about and fiberglass comes in matt or colth and different thickness like in OZ the more the thicker it is

matt is glass hairs which you should use as a top layer when you sand it it doesnt leave the texture behind the colth gives the your item strenght
yeah! thats the 1 i used it on my pocket bike to mend the faring when i crashed it :hyper:, would it be ok to use on card, i made some stuff from papekura and i want to fiberglass the to give them strength...
if i fiberglassed my mc shoes the have to felx in some places would the fiberglass snap or break away? im still going to fiberglas the fron and back of the shoes because the dont have to move
it depends how thick you make the fiberglass but you shouldnt fiberglass the whole shoe just the back part and the toe part
yah thats wat im going to do...also i have to make extentions in the middle of the shoe because the about half a cm to small.....then im going to paint them.........and the stick velcro inside
when i talket to my dad he said we would just us resin and paint that on to give it strength but how much strength would it give, if i mixed it like (10:1)?
if you paint the resin in 1st let it set up and harden (the card stock would be hard)
then paint on another coat then lay down the glass then push on the resin you dont want to brush the resin on then you'll move the glass which you dont want
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