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Yeah, it is pretty dumb. And Post reviving just to gloat isn't nice, intended or not.
Btw, Xavier, how is it at home now?


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eh it hasnt been as bad as that night, but apparently i cant say ANYthing that would have the chance of hurting my step moms feelings... cuz dad says so, i asked her if we had a blank DVD-RW and she says yes, and hands me a half full DVD-R disk, which i then proceed to start burning a movie too--which of course didnt take cuz there was other stuff on it, so i went and was like... u gave me the wrong thing, and blew my afternoon, and my dad comes of and starts bitching at me cuz that might have hurt her feelings.


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the government should dicipline parents very harshly to what they have done to us as kids... or young adult cuz i got held by my throat for like ten minutes straight with my mom there while trying to get thrown on a table.. :cautious: huh it kinda was funny cuz i told him to f@$#off in his face and him and i almost literally butted heads wit each other but it seemed that me and him were pissed about something...dont remember with the lack of oxygen to my head.. :mad: but what really made me mad was that he got away wit it too... :cry:
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