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  1. Crimmson


    I felt it was time to update this post. there is more files in here some of which I have made and some that I have found perusing the internet. you can use my models as you see fit, change them if you want no problem just give credit. thanks

    here is everything I have been able to acquire
    destiny titan early concept n7 stuff

    emile kukri
    haunted pilot helmet

    halo 4

    stuff I modeled or worked on
    h3 odst romeo helmet with goggles mesh welded
    hd pdo link:

    ld pdo link:

    h4 boot solid

    h4 mk6 gen 2 unfolded

    h4 ricochette armor unfolded by zeroprime
    Ricochet Chest Piece

    h4 air assault early

    deathstroke armor
    promethean rifle file.

    odst emblem

    h4 stuff
    aviator shoulder
    aviator chest
    eod chest
    h4 mk5
    chest complete
    chest split
    hand plate
    finger plates
    cod split
    h4 stalker
    h4 gungnir

    h4 commando
    h4 commando
    h4 recon

    99% of these aren't unfolded as I don't have the hang of it yet.
    copy right bungie, 343, microsoft
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  2. zombiegrimm


    Very impressive. Hope to see you do the whole model. I would love to build this as an armor set.
  3. Crimmson


    odst concept unfolded by death angel
    Jorge chest mesh welded with all of the parts on it
    back pack
    jorges turret
    h4 marine
    chest unfoled by s323
    Foam Unfold: unfolded by s323
    helmet unfolded by s323
    new unfold
    chest 2 unfolded by s323
    foam unfold unfolded by s323
    half helmet
    back pack
    face mask

    h4 weapons
    h4 and reach knives
    incinerator cannon
    fixed x7
    spread gun
    covenant carbine
    noob tube
    covenant plasma pistol

    unfolded by spartansonny
    chest, neck
    h4 armor
    ability packs covy, fore, unsc
    scout chest unfolded by death angel
    scout chest unfolded
    scout shin unfolded by death angel
    scout shin foam unfolded by death angel
    scout thigh (outer plated)
    scout butt plate (outer plated)
    scout arm (outer plated)
    scout boot
    foam by death angel
    recruit chest
    recruit boot unfolded
    recruit shin and knee unfolded
    recruit thigh unfolded
    recruit shoulder unfolded
    unfolded by death angel

    defiance game weapons
    pistol cleaned up only mesh welded

    pistol duke
    red death rifle

    copyright bungie , 343 , Microsoft
    most of these aren't unfolded. if they read unfolded they were unfolded by me.
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  4. Crimmson


  5. Crimmson


    found this a while back dont know who drew this concept, but i started to model it. dont know when it will be done but i just wanted to tease you guys. it still needs a lot of work and i have never modeled a helmet sooo yeah..... enjoy none the less.

  6. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I have to say, great work! I haven't seen much replies to this, probably because it isn't spartan armor, and that it would be really hard to create this in real life, but I may have a few thoughts on that.

    Make the whole boy in pep, make a mold of it, then cast it in latex rubber, much like the ones they make the batman cowls out of. It wouldn't be the best as far as mobility goes, but it may be the way to make this suit more game accurate, just my two cents there.

    looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Crimmson


    Thank you Seth. I just want to model something that is not to popular, for lack of a better way to explain it. I had looked for files for prometheans a while back could not find any. Now that I am learning how to model in blender I figured I should start with the promethean armor since not to many files exist. I hope to eventually work my way up to halo 4 promethean armor as well.

    On the chest piece I think I am going to scrap it as I feel the back is to far up high. As I thought about how to model it I decided to just model the whole armor at once and then split it. Stay tuned.
  8. Sunstarx55

    Sunstarx55 New Member

    YES! I have always wanted someone to make one of these !

    That is a Forerunner level 12 Combat Skin btw :)
  9. Crimmson


    I honestly don't know why I named it promethean. Ha. I will resume working on these when I get done with my shift. It lasts a week and then I am off for three days. I hope you guys like the one weapons. Let me know if you find any thing wrong with these or if you would like some changes.
  10. Crimmson


    quick update:


    making slow progress. i got a little monkey next to me asking me a million questions and pulling me away from the comp. how do i make the pictures smaller when i upoad them. and does any one know how to scale a model in blender i am having problems remembering or if i even read it to begin with.

    kinda of reminds me of a chicken.......a robot chicken eh, maybe i need to go raid the fridge. hmmmmm chicken.
    i really enjoy modeling especially while listening to avicii, deadmaus, armin, kill the noise, knife party yeah.... they really help get the creative juices flowing.
  11. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I wish I knew modeling SO badly, there's a million and one things I would model (and more, since I'm always coming up with things :p ) The ODST concept helmet is looking great (and there's some people waiting on that one in the H4 Helmet Request thread, so you may need to tell them if you work anymore on it) and the the forerunner is looking great as well :) Keep it up (and keep making me envious of your skills :p )

  12. Crimmson


    i am still learning a lot on blender. i dont have skills yet ,but i will keep at it unitll it becomes second nature. i actually enjoy modeling more than drawing. the odst helmet is going to be a while, i honestly believe it needs alot of work to get to the way i want it and not what my present skills are letting me model. learning modeling is not that hard. kingrahl helped me out on this, he said crimmson watch these videos and these as well , now go and make something boy. and i was like sir, yes sir and i took off like a good little recuit. ha. either way Seth, if i can learn it with very little time on my hands, i work in the oil fields for a week, off three. then i split my time with the wifey, my two little monkeys , closing on a house, switching from night shift to day shift and vice versa every week. but i really want to learn modeling. so watch these videos and you will suprise yourself how fast you will pick it up. when i first watched these i said to myself i only need to learn enough to make pep models, but the bug took a deep bite and watching dystored incs models, digital cantinas etc, the more i wanted to learn all of it.
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  13. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I'll try it when I can, thanks for the links, it's something I want to learn sometime, thanks, and keep up the good work, and though I can see it being fun, I doubt anything could replace drawing to me ;)

  14. Crimmson


    taking a break from the forerunner, not for long just trying to figure out how to design the back. after multiple tries i decided to do something else for a bit. what do you think? Its King Crimmson... or atleast that what i call it. derp.



    got rid of the dots on top of the crown, figured they are easier to make from scratch than from pep.
  15. Crimmson


  16. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I love it ;) What you may want to do it make the emblems very thin, so not only are the pep-able, but could be attached to someone's armor as a beveled detail, but that's just an idea. You could also beef them out a bit, then you could cover in plaster (or polyurethane) and pour in some fiberglass resin to get a semi clear material (I was thinking it would be a nice touch to the gears of war emblem ;)

    Nice work! You're really making me want to get in to modelling now >(

  17. Crimmson


    The gears of war I am going to make it large enough to hang it on my garage wall, I was thinking of casting it in clear plastic or something similar and adding LEDs to light it up. Or somehow attach it to a parking aid inside the garage that lights it up when the wheels cross the sensors. I have been wanting to make that for a really long time, just got to get it unfolded. I really think you would enjoy modeling, especially with the right music playing and a large jug of over sweetened tea.
  18. Crimmson





    started on this a couple of hours ago, but sadly i need sleeps. I will continue on this later on today, the forerunner will have to wait until i get back in home( using my sister in laws computer)
  19. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    Got the Gears of War Emblem unfolded, it's set at 12 inches tall (and wide, it's a cog you know ;) ), I'm thinking that it would be even better to be scaled say, two or even three feet tall, but hey, I'm just getting it ready for that ;)

    Let me know if the link works/or if you see any problems with the unfold.

    P.S. Yeah, I'm the Armorer, it's a WHOLE LOT FASTER to type than Seth_Knight_of_New_Wales :p
    P.S.S. Thank you Crimmson for the video links, one in and I've already learned a LOT, hopefully I'll be able to keep learning and get to the point where I can create my own models :)

  20. Crimmson


    OOOOOHHHHHH yeah. thank you Armorer. Make sure you put your name in it aswell as i dont know how and thank you. I know you will learn it and i hope you as much fun with it as i do.
  21. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I'm pretty sure I added the text, it appears when you first open as a rectangle outside of the print border, but it's no biggy if it isn't (at least for me). I'm tempted to unfold the skull emblem, but I have other things I need to get done. Man I love the weekends! I can't wait to see what you do next, if you ever need help with, say, concept work for the back, idk, I may be able to help come up with something, but I'm sure you're all over that by now ;)

    (The Armorer (on the RPF))
  22. Crimmson


  23. Crimmson


    sure i gladly accept all the help i can get especially with the back of the forerunner. post the pics here if you want or atleast the links.
  24. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    When I started to think about it, I think I've got a way to make the costume, it would need to be foam though (I just don't see fiberglass working, just because of how hard it is, and foam will be close to the actual texture, hey! you may not even need to plasti dip or paint it! :p )... my mouth seems to keep going on unnecessarily sometimes, here's my design so far (I'll go over the rest if this part makes sense):


    The under armor would be underneath everything, and the helmet would be separate with the hood/mantle coming up to it, but not attached.

    Let me know what you think of it

  25. Crimmson


    i have the chest, some of the arms, some of the legs and some of the back modeled. I can sent you the blend file over to you if you want, so that you can take a look at it. right now i am at laredo, tx at my sister in laws house should be home tonight. everything you highlighted is all ready done except the helmet. we just need to cut it up.

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