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im about to start the final touches for my Master Chief sculpture. smooth it, add the lines from armor etc. but i can't decide what i want to do with the armor.
shall i make it brand new and shiny, or put some scratches and damages on it.! he is standing in an upright position he is about 13 inches tall!
what do you think will look best?
thats the only photo i have for now it is few weeks old, his hands will be closer to his body and he will hold his gun with one hand facing down. i will take more photos of him tonight after i finish some of the detailing. i let his helmet for last cause it is the center of attention so i want to take my time on it.! if i get it as smooth as possible i will be doing less sanding afterwards!
Speaking as a sculptor.... I'm impressed. It looks pretty good. The pose is a little plaing and the whole body looks a bit ...stretched? but overall nice work!

What material did you use? This may be critical in how you finish or paint the final product.
Thats what thought at the beginning, that he looks little bit stretched and skinny, but i work out of an actual print out from bungie. i just enlarge one of their designs to make the armature. of course at the specific photo lot of the detail is missing, i have to go back again and again, to get it a close as to the actual design, but since the luck of reference of MS 3, i had to combine all reference i had.
actually i found few days ago more photos of the mcfarlane figure and now i have a kinda better idea how his back looks like.

now that i added few more pieces (cause i work with layers) for the belt and the legs he looks little bit more healthy lol. but i still use the enlarge print out and i have all the measurements right!
about the pose, i m trying to catch that look of .."ok im here... from where are we staring???..."
im currently working on 2 more, that they do have an action pose but those are going to be made out of oil base clay, so i can try to mold them with silicon.

this one he is made of epoxy sculpt, for the core, and then polymer clay. after i bake it i would be able to use any kind of paint.
First of all I'd like to say, incredible work! Have you finished detailing the helm yet?

Other than that I would just say that you should cast it when it's finished and maybe make an armor set to go along with the complete statue.

Looking forward to your progress. Personally on the new vs. battle-worn look, I would make two casts and do both. If I had to pick just one it would be the weathered one.
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