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First Halo build: Pepakura and expanding foam

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Pescadero, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Pescadero

    Pescadero New Member

    My first Halo build...

    At first I want to build an ODST, but because of a Sci Fi Event in 3 weeks I started Halo 3 Marine. I want to dress Halo Style and there not so many parts on the marine.

    I want to try a new way. Pepakura yes, but without glasfibre mats. I use expansion foam to keep shape. Easy to use and not as heavy as the mats with resin. Its my first try with this...

    Lets start with Pep.....

  2. Pescadero

    Pescadero New Member

    Pep Work is done!

    Some parts are missing, Legs and stomach Armor, but I have not much time till the event and that things could wait....

    img_20170615_225510.jpg img_20170615_225525.jpg img_20170616_153106.jpg img_20170616_185639.jpg img_20170618_175647.jpg
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  3. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Nice work. Looks clean prepped.

    A note for the expanding foam. I dont know what u will use, but if it is something similar to the "foam IT" series by kaupo, watch out for the expansion of the foam itself. I used it for a closed prep and it pressed the edges and large surfaces outward. You may want to harden your prep as much as possible to avoid that or just cover the inside area with a thin layer of liquid foam before the foaming starts.

    Im still experimenting to perfect the technique as I am sure it is superior to Glass fibre and EVA.

    Good luck with your build
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  4. Pescadero

    Pescadero New Member

    You had right but it was to late Then I had problems with bondo and so I had a break...
    But now I'm on a ODST armor with plastic sheets.

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