First Helmet Build


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Here’s the final version

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This will be my first time using E.V.A foam and I want to make an ODST helmet. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I'm going to start. For example, I've seen a lot EVA foam templates and I'm not sure which would be the right one. In short, my main issue right now is finding the correct template. Once that's been done I will ask questions for future problems.


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Plus i dont know if this the right thread to ask for help
I dodnt know if what you are saying is that there is something wrong with the templates or you are looking for something else in the helmet design, but I think you would get the best responce by making your own thread, and posting any questions or progress there. :)


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That looks great! Final version though? Is this of the helmet or the paintjob :b

The reason I'm joking about this is you will need to install a visor to see out of, padding, a fan maybe, and just quality of life implements. To actually finish the helmet.

If you ever want to though you can clean up any lines or blades in the paint with a brush and acrylics, and if you want the armor to pop, water down some black, paint it all over, and wipe most of it off. This will make it look dirty and weathered, and create a used effect that brings out the armor more. This is not necessary though by all means


The helmet came out so well, congrats! I think the helmet is my favorite piece of armor.

Like Dash said above, using watered down acrylic paint can give a nice used, weathering effect on your armor. If interested in that just look up either "weathering" or "acrylic wash" on the forums for tips!