First Spartan III build (3D print)

Emp Frosty

Progress is slow for a couple reasons but mostly due to how precise I want to be with the scale of each of these parts. The armorsmith designer is great due to its free form deformation but I'd love it if I could be even more accurate with the shape of the body than the initial measurements.


Hopefully I can have the thighs printed up next week though. Also how did everyone else do the boots? The files I have from nerd forge look like they just sit over your foot wear but I was wondering if it was possible to model them to have a treaded bottom and then put inserts in them to use as actual boots?

Emp Frosty

Isnt it always great to learn you've wasted a couple days on some prints?


Managed to print out a whole thigh section without noticing how brittle it was so I ran another file through to see it was the file or a printer problem (after purging and cleaning the nosel of course). Think I just got a really inconsistent spool of pla+ and it kept clogging so I'm gonna run it through my other printer before sacrificing it to the printing gods and getting some new spools.

Emp Frosty

So turns out the filament wasn't the problem. I ran it through my Ender 3 last night and the print came out just fine like it was supposed to which means ill have to spend a day not printing and instead taking apart and deep cleaning my DOGE Machine (Ender 5) :(

Emp Frosty

Been slow to update but I've managed to print out both boots and the right thigh (this time without it crumbling in my hands) and have the left thigh on the printer atm. All that's left to print is the shins and knee covers. I'm having trouble finding a way to fit the shins on my legs without having to just split them in half then reconnect with magnets, I want them to be form fitting but also as solid as possible. Have also been working on a pretty lazy way to make a vacuum box that just requires a peg board and a 5gal bucket (picture relevant) and some stencils for the Reach emblems if anyone is interested they will ultimately be linked to the tutorial index.
Screenshot (8).png

Emp Frosty

Now that I've got my attention split through 4 or projects things are slowing down but I did get around to printing a visor buck and making a (test) vacuum bucket from the adapter I designed. Gotta give it a test run still but should theoretically work.... hopefully.



Emp Frosty

Finally got around to a test of my vacuum bucket! Its not a great way to test it but i put some plastic wrap over the buck and and board and let it do its thing. Gotta do some adjustments to the hose socket but it should be ready for a step up to plastic.

Not sure if its gonna work but here a picture of what my clamps are gonna be :lol:



I tried to make this whole build as easy as possible for someone with no knowledge of vacuum forming to be able to do with store bought items and without any power tools.

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