1st Build First Spartan Outfit [Mk V b]


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Welp, I probably should have started this thread a bit ago, but here we are. I started planning out my suit back in March and have so far only been 3d printing all the parts. I tried my best to scale the parts correctly using HaloGoddess' tutorials since I don't have Armorsmith. This is my progress so far:

So far I have the:
- Chest
- Biceps
- Forearms
- Belt
- Helmet ( got it from Jeff at OdiesPropShop on Etsy [link: OdiesPropShop - Etsy] )
- M45 Shotgun

For printers, I'm using a Creality Ender 3 and CR-10. I changed slicers three times and now I'm using the Prusa Slicer and it's been good so far. I've got through like 8 rolls of filament as of today and will probably need 8 more. I also learned the hard way that I shouldn't make pieces too big or if it fails, it's just a bigger mess.

I'll keep posting updates as I make more progress. If anyone has any pointers or advice, please do share them. Thanks in advance.
Update: 30-05-24
Well, the CR-10 is down while I wait for a new heater cartridge to come in. Took some time and started wiring my helmet. I plan on making it usb powered so I still need to solder that together but regardless it's looking good so far.
Yea, the titlewave chest has a pep under suit file but it's got slits in it that I wasn't sure what they were for
Oh yeah I see what you mean. I got the files for my armor from a friend and it didn't include the undersuit files. From what I can see on the Etsy, the pieces are broken apart differently from the files I have so I don't think I have Titalwave designed ones

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