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    Hi there question,
    do floating faces affect the scale size in Pepakura Designer 3? Meaning if I scaled the helmet to my head size, would it be smaller, becuase the floating face is actually considered the top??

    I'm currently trying to scale a Halo 4 Hazop Helmet,
    (link to the download Halo 4 - MJOLNIR GEN2 - HAZOP)
    but the faces are sticking out a lot! Normally they're very close to the model. I know I could use the "Measure distance between two points" option and compare it to the height size, but this isn't reliable for my problem (i've tried).

    I really need help here. I've wasted too much paper on trial and error, becuase I don't want to add to the mess of "HELP ME" posts, but I just want to print something out correctly for once!
    (If you don't understand my problem, please ask what's confusing so I can clarify, i'm desperate for help here).
    Thanks in advance.

    Screenshot of the Hazop helmet floating faces is below.

    Screenshot (42).png
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  2. mblackwell1002


    Yeah, it can affect the scale. Open the model in Blender and delete the floating faces. I can do it for you if you need, just upload the file in a ZIP file.
  3. 5trangerte

    5trangerte New Member

    Alright, I uploaded the file. Thanks for the help!

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  4. PerniciousDuke


    If you're not sure, use the "measure distance" tool in pepakura. Click on the highest point and the lowest point and see if it matches one of the dimensions for the overall file. This can also help determine which measurement is X,Y Z because it is not always the way you think.
  5. neverplayedhalo

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    Opening the obj file in Blender will produce a really bad model. Were you able to fix it?
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