Who has beat the game Halo 1 on Legendary?

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Nova Chief

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Has anyone beat Halo:Combat Evoulved on Legendary, i mean has anybody beat the level "LIBRARY".(Who has beaten Halo 1 on the level with the Flood) On Legendary.
Doom said:
Swedish_Spartan said:
The Maw is funniest, the end cutscene :mrgreen:

*Hug* ;-)

Sorry for the off topic but...

What i don't get is how Johnson survived. In the reg ending it makes sense but the special scene threw me off.
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I have read it and Onyx but it just says that the flood didmn't get to him. Don't worry about it. Back on topic.
no im pretty sure your born with it cuz how do random ppl get it cuz im pretty sure the rebels dont come in contact with the convies
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