Who has beat the game Halo 1 on Legendary?

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Nova Chief

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Has anyone beat Halo:Combat Evoulved on Legendary, i mean has anybody beat the level "LIBRARY".(Who has beaten Halo 1 on the level with the Flood) On Legendary.


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Doom said:
Swedish_Spartan said:
The Maw is funniest, the end cutscene :mrgreen:
*Hug* ;-)

Sorry for the off topic but...

What i don't get is how Johnson survived. In the reg ending it makes sense but the special scene threw me off.
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I have read it and Onyx but it just says that the flood didmn't get to him. Don't worry about it. Back on topic.


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no im pretty sure your born with it cuz how do random ppl get it cuz im pretty sure the rebels dont come in contact with the convies