Foam Shinobi legs/ shoulders with a Recon chest


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So I wrapped up my business stuff, (passed my NSCA personal training certification exam) and got back to the Recon Chest. Tonight I knocked out the entire back upper section of the back, tomorrow’s goal is to knock out the bottom and the side connector pieces, and maybe the sections that sit above the shoulders depending on how much time I get. Anyways here’s tonight’s progress.





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Another late night update. I am determined to knock this back out this week, I fell short of getting the piece above the shoulder done tonight but the entire center section of the back is finished as well as the straps on either side, the connector piece in the middle of the strap took quite a bit longer than I was expecting but I got through it.

I do however need to collect some in game screen shots of the side of the middle section from the side (and underneath the thrusters) and the connector piece between the top of the shoulder and the thruster, from the middle of the back looking out and from the side so I can hammer out the finer details.

If anyone has any screenshots of these sections i would love you 5ever if you shared!

The plan for tomorrow is to power through the majority if not the entirety of both thrusters, but I’ll see how gun ho I am after work.

Anyways here’s some pictures of tonight’s progress.





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Amazing job, the level of detail in your foam work is extraordinary!! Curious as to what helmet this armor combo will be worn with?


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My customer has one of Jose Valdez’s Recon Buckets.

This set will be Recon Chest and helmet. Shinobi legs and shoulders, and mark 6 gen2 gauntlets

Hein B107

"BONK" fell of my chair when lazily scrolling around. (I know Dirtdives copied your joke:p)

But just look at those details :eek:. I bet once it is painted it looks like the real thing