Folding This 21 Page Thing?

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Basically, I need some help with this MC Helmet thing...the folding looks rather do I know which way to fold the pieces and all? Eh I'm not good with this kind of stuff lol.
lines like this -.-.-.- = Valley fold, or V-shaped
lines like this -------= Mountain fold, or ^-shaped

just cut it out and fold the flap under or over where the lines meet.

Hope this helps.
I think so, thanks :) I'm 3D modeling all the way I'm no good at real world stuff we'll see how this turns out.
Your welcome :mrgreen: .

If you want some practice thats a similar project but alot smaller, try the Paper Wii Remote found Here
I don't get the numbering...are the numbers just supposed to line up? Like line up 1 with 1? 2 with 2? 3 with 3? And so on?
Yes. Ex: Line 245 goes to line 245. Some pieces have the same numbers on the piece. Just cut where it says to cut and you should be fine.
Awesome thanks :). And fold the dotted lines right? Shapes that are like:


Except they're just fold em down right?
Yeah that helmet is a (%#$*#) It takes a long time. I suggest you read the tutorial about scaling and folding. It will save you alot of trouble in the future....
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