Found: Strapping, Hooks, Buckles, And Tons More Store


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I was on ebay just looking at stuff when I came across this ebay store. They sell Plastic Buckles, Desert Tan & Foliage Green Buckles, Snap Hooks, Chicago Screws, Conchos, Loose Leaf rings, Triglides, Leather Accessories, Magnetic Snaps, Metal Mardware, Polypropylene Webbing, Hook&Loop & more.

Hard to find items they have to.
Now I'm not advertising the store nor do I have any affiliations with them. I just thought I would share a good find for people how might be looking for "connecting" parts.

Here is the Link: Supplies Ebay Store link


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Excellent find. Thanks for this thread. It's the little details that truly make an excellent suit. Good job.