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Updating for Halo 4 Venator helmet: Halo 4 - Venator Helmet by moesizzlac

Didn't have many pics of the back so I just winged it.




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Hey y'all!

I just tossed up a Halo Reach-style Spiker Rifle on my Thingiverse! The original model was by another creator, but I made a bunch of modifications to it including a removable ammo drum and working trigger!




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Some files from me for free, since Etsy is getting more expensive and anoying i decided to put them down and add them here for the community.

1st: HALO 3 Machete
Length about 51cm
Hardware needed:
2x 300mm metal rod 3mm thick
7x pins 5x10mm
Link: Machete_STL.rar


2nd: HALO 3 : ODST Flashbang
Link: H3ODST_FB.rar


3rd: HALO Reach Flashbang
Link: Reach_FB.rar



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Does anyone know where I could either find, or have modeled, a Halo 4/Halo 5 Enforcer helmet file? I'm currently working on a Shark Face cosplay from Red vs. Blue and I can't find any files outside of the asset rips from the games.

In fact, I'm having a hard time finding models for all the armor components worn by him in the show. The armor components are listed as follows...

Helmet: Enforcer (Halo 4)
Chest: Stalker (Halo 4)
Shoulders: Prefect
Forearms: Ricochet
Legs: ODST (Halo 4)

I'm not an experienced enough modeler to tackle something this complicated, so help would be appreciated.

p.s. - Here's a picture for reference...


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I used the assets in The Armory to create a Halo 5 version of him. I replaced the Prefect Shoulders with Decimator shoulders, I also emulated ODST knees by using a Vigilant COD/Waist, Indomitable Thighs, Vigilant Knees, Helljumper Greaves, and Vigilant Boots. I would prefer these over the previously listed items.

Here's the render I came up with...


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Hello, this page is awesome! Can't believe I have only just found it. I am looking to print the Original Master Chief armour. Are there any suggestions on what is the best files? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, this page is awesome! Can't believe I have only just found it. I am looking to print the Original Master Chief armour. Are there any suggestions on what is the best files? Thanks in advance!
Howdy, there are a decent bit of "original" files including both the CE armor (linked on page 1 of this thread) or the MacWorld files (Not sure if we have Orion armor yet). I'd recommend taking a look around to see the various options available and see what suits you best :)


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Hey, Y'all! I finished another prop for ya. This time, It's the Light Rifle! I hadn't seen anyone do one to this level of intricacy, so I took a crack at it. Enjoy!



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Thanks for making these CasuallyFlacid !
Not often on here anymore, but i am always lurkin...appreciate the effort. Looks clean.
I`ll print the SMG probably, even though i already have a version from another creator on here....just for double wielding:)

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