Do you think that after the war, the elites will......

  • friends of the humans and cooperate to reconstruct the earth?

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  • ... just leave the earth and go home??

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  • ...start a new and stupid war for no reason??

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Spartan 224

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i think that humans and elites will be allies, and will work together to reconstruct the earth and an age of peace will come for the two races...


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I sure hope they're not going to be. The elites have killed billions upon billions of humans. Humans have killed thousands of elites. They can't just be friends and hang out.

I hope humans decimate them and the rest of the covenant into oblivion.


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Spartan 021 said:

Technically, their knees aren't backwards, they just (in terms of human anatomy) stand on their toes and have abnormally high ankles.

As for the topic, I'm not quite sure, but I'm betting all of one race is gonna get pwned. The covenant don't take prisoners, let alone make friends with them. And how can they reconstruct Earth? Only the forerunner are capable of such a thing. And what make you sure Earth is going to get destroyed in the first place?
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Spartan 224

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but think, the covenante is divided by a civil war:

elites, grunts and hunters in one side and brutes, jackals and drones on the other

and now that the arbiter knows the real purpose of the halo, the elites are with him(remember the battle with tartarus),

And now the humans and the elites should join forces to fight against a common enemy:The flood and the covenant

well, thats what i think....
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