Funny Live Action Halo FanFilm

grid 187

we should all have vids of our armor siuts and screen shots of the best angles and such, then maybe somone on here could compile it all with H3 music track 5,10,12 on disc one and maybe other track snippets.. Like a montage fan vid of sorts!!!

just my opinon.


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I wish we could show ours.

At the scale that we made it, we caught the eye of some people. Being on WETAs website for a month didnt help us either.

Things are beginning to be worked out.

By the way the studio Halo movie, its about to happen.

Kaya Tetsu

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I'm in I can help with some of the computer sides of things. Perhaps after we have our charter and stuff done we can write a storyline for the 405th and make a short about it....I think somone suggested how we got here...we could do that...dunno just let me know cus i wanna help...I should be starting a helljumper within a month...