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Unfortunately, I am traveling out of country for 8 days, starting today, so I won't be back home for any game nights. Typically though, I'm free after 9-ish EST.


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So no one actually said "Yes, I want to play games on Saturday" and now it's Saturday. If you were looking to play, when are you free. If we struggle to find a game in common, I imagine we all at least own Halo (I'd certainly hope so).
Sorry man, the wife wanted to refinish the kitchen cabinets and then I had a reunion to go to otherwise I would have. I play mostly during the week at nights if I find the time. I'd agree with halo but I unfortunately don't own a new console so just waiting on that sweet MCC


Alright guys and gals: Finally getting around to it: Posting where you can find me.

Xbox GT: Bonejeffkiller1
Steam: Jnkills01
Discord: Bonejeffkiller1#0520

Lol. That's about it. Took me I think 2 weeks to post that simple amount of info. Ha ha. If you send me a friend request, message me here or on the respective platforms just so I know. That's all the platforms I have. Steam games are limited, but am willing depending on the game, to pick it up. I used to have a blizzard account for Diablo 2, but it got removed due to lack of activity. A very good character was lost, "f" for respect. :'(

Anyway, finally got this out there.


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The idea
In the spirit of this long dead thread I wanted to reach out and see who'd be interested in doing some gaming nights where we either get together in person or online, optionally dress up, and to just chill, play some games, and get to know the 405th in the area. I know some people interested are NobleofDeath16 and JeffN02.
I'm down to play some games. PM me when you see this and I'll give you my details.


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Even though there appears to have not been an update here since beginning of July, I'm open to having regular game nights on Saturdays or something.

Xbox GT: FallenPanhead
Discord: FallenPanhead
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I'm 2handsome2die on steam/discord. You'll usually see me online either playing PUBG or screwing around in VR. Add me because I'm lonely.
I got the vive, we should play some time! Probably after i'm done with my ODST costume though since that eats up all my gaming time :(
steam: he4thbar
i'll add ya.