[Gaming] The 405th's Destiny Clan (Caution: Spoilers)

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Just finished the Vault of Glass Raid Guide in my earlier post.
Pretty sure I am satisfied with it now. Who knows, I have a tendency to go back in and change things.

RNGesus showed me some love once again, I finally received an Exotic Bounty, and now I have my Invective shotgun. Glad that I finally got one!

Okay, time to set the bar for PVP. I know someone will be able to beat it, but who?
Destiny Booyah.PNG
Not quite worthy of a "Perfection", but pretty close.
Yea, I'm apparently going to have to spend quite some time in the crucible, between Invectives 25 K/D and Thorn's "500 Void damage" requirements. Played a little last night. All I can say is, nerf the damn fusion rifles. Again. Supposedly they were already dialed back for their excessive damage. I was still getting killed by even a half second exposure to the 2 second burst. And what's the deal with an auto rifle beating a shotgun at point blank range when I got the first shot in to the back of their neck?
I had strange results when getting the 25 K/D during The Dubious Task for the Invective.
I went negative for 2 matches, it went up to 8/25, then I went positive and it went up. There was only like 1 match where it didn't go up, and it never went down. Took maybe 5 or 6 matches tops.

For a light in the Dark with Thorn, just remember that kills = +5 points, deaths = -2 points.
One of my friends said that it went surprisingly fast though, so idk....

I'm beginning to think that the points are like Whose Line is it anyways, where they points are there but they don't matter at all (unless you are running Strike missions)

Also, in regards to your #fail shotgun, you probably lagged... or they did.

I have the issue of me and someone else shotgunning eachother, I always shoot first with the Copperhead Mk. 32 (Full Auto Uncommon, Heavy Archetype with the highest Range and Damage but most recoil), and yet I still die whereas they do not. Hell, sometimes their shields haven't even gone down.

Then there are those times when you look around a corner with full health and someone in the distance seems to hit you with like 3 bullets tops, and you are just instantly dead. Either I have the LMG and the Auto Rifle symbols mixed up, or there are a few broken Auto Rifles out there. One of my friends said there was a Rare/Blue Auto Rifle with a unique name that was tearing him up. Over a lot of matches there were a few rare instances where he had to pause and inspect what they were using. All 3 times it was the same Rare Auto Rifle.
I managed to get both Crucible tasks done last night, and picked up a couple lesser bounties along the way. Shotgun was still losing far too many fights for what should be the "be all, end all" of close quarters weapons. I mean really, at point blank range the only thing that should stand a chance againsts a shotgun should be an agile Hunter employing the Bladedancer super. I say agile, but technically just an aware Bladedancer. If they're not paying attention, they should be just as dead as anyone else. But, ol' Judgement did get to ruin some Hunter's day. They had just activated their Golden Gun, walked right passed me, and got me one step closer to finishing up the "Kill 10 Guardians from behind" bounty. He never even got a shot off. I found that for the 500 Void kills, Judgement (my void shotgun) was put to its best use in Control, especially on the Earth Map (Rusted something-or-other. I should know it because I ended up playing 4 matches in a row there, but I was more focused on just getting those two exotics done so I could go back to PvE). Now that I've got those done, though, I need a weekly challenge and to do the Summoning Pits Strike and apparently have a second enemy/boss show up whom I have to take out before killing Phogoth.

Crucible Loot system is still a busted P.O.S. (had someone who literally did NOTHING, no kills, no deaths, no assists, no captures) be the ONLY person who got any loot on our team, and that was after a "Decisive Victory." On the positive side, I did manage to get enough engrams decrypted to push my rank up, and one of the items I got in the postmaster's package was the Thunderdevil shader I've been hoping for.
Current Exotics:
Suros Regime
Mida Multi-Tool
Active Exotic Bounty: Toland's Legacy (Bad Juju)
Helm of Saint-14 (Titan helmet)
Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock helmet)

Crucible Loot system is still a busted P.O.S. (had someone who literally did NOTHING, no kills, no deaths, no assists, no captures) be the ONLY person who got any loot on our team, and that was after a "Decisive Victory." On the positive side, I did manage to get enough engrams decrypted to push my rank up, and one of the items I got in the postmaster's package was the Thunderdevil shader I've been hoping for.

What faction were you leveling in order to get that shader?

Also, yeah, I think it should fix it so that it awards you based on activity or something. You died 30 times? Well that counts as doing 30 things, enjoy your engram!
But then again, that wouldn't be fair to the campers....

Bladedancers are broken...

There is some balance on them, the Titan Striker's ability, but the chances are, when the Bladedancer activates their ability, the Titan isn't ready and/or doesn't even see them coming.

Actually, maybe Bladedancers are not broken, Titans are just extremely underpowered.

• Gunslingers seem pretty balanced, their 1-Hit Kills can be a bit annoying, I think it might be better if they had fewer shots but their ability stayed active longer and when it ended allowed you to switch and reload weapons rapidly for 2.5 seconds. This is just for PVP though, I'd say they should get extra shots in PVE.
• Bladedancers need their overshield to be reduced, having the ability generate more on-screen noise might be nice as well as a counter to the speed of the ability. Being able to hear them coming would really be great.
• Voidwalkers' ability is a bit OP in the sense that it is impossible to jump away from. Also the fact that you can shotgun-melee them in the face while they are activating their ability and them not dieing from it is a problem.
• Sunsingers are pretty balanced, their overshield can absorb a little too much damage, but other than that it's great.
• Strikers suffer from lack of range, meaning that they either have to camp/anti-camp with their ability or use it as an oh-s*** button, the latter of which doesn't work that well because you'll probably be dead before your animation finishes. The Titan's ability should consistently be able to take out 3 enemies if they are there. But trying to run into a room with 3 enemies and trying to activate it between them all doesn't work. You are already dead at the entrance of the room.
• Defenders, I complain about them below, so refer to that for my opinion on using them.

I really wouldn't mind if all the abilities were nerfed but Bungie made it so that they would reactivate more frequently.

I really don't mind level advantages being disabled, but Bungie tried to hard to balance things, giving everyone the same armor and damage in the standard pvp (not Iron Banner).
Whether or not the Melee ability is active, Titans should 1-shot Hunters when they punch them.

Honestly, the balance between classes in Transformers Fall of Cybertron should be the model that Bungie should have looked at for Destiny.

Like I said, I don't mind that level advantages are disabled, but class differences should still factor in.
Sunsingers with their Radiance ability active require 2 sniper shots in the face to die. That's like more than a full clip of an Auto Rifle. The same thing goes on with Voidwalkers and Bladedancers, they get a massive overshield when using their ability.
Titans, even with the Unstoppable perk (if I've remembered that correctly) still die from like 3 shots while using their Striker ability.

It also seems like they Ninja nerfed the Armor of Light upgrade to the Defender's Shield. I could originally sit in my bubble and be hit by anything and live, that doesn't happen anymore and I've noticed that people have been finding ways to knock me out of my bubble as I'm standing there which doesn't seem quite right. The solution wasn't to nerf the Armor of Light, I got maybe 3 kills with it ever in a match, your foes learn to not go in the bubble, end of story.
The second your bubble goes down, you are sure to die anyways since you effectively have the same number of hitpoints as a Hunter.
Don't bother trying to take a step out of your bubble either, you will last 0.05 seconds as someone shoots you with a maximum of 2 bullets before you die.

Defender's bubble = 3 kills in a match and that's if you are lucky.
Bladedancer's ability = 5 kills per use.
Something doesn't quite add up.

Bungie seems to be trying to use the same modifiers for PVE as they use for PVP, and they shouldn't be. They need to tweak and tune each one separately but while still keeping them fairly similar so that they are not completely divergent from one another.

As for the Defender's bubble, my suggestion is primarily that they should allow players to shoot out of it, but, I honestly wouldn't even mind if other people could also shoot back into it. But if you do that, Bungie needs to make it more of a buff ability rather than a point-defense ability and up the armor buffs that you get. As an alternative to either the 2nd point or even both the points, you could have the bubble move with you, but reduce the player's foot speed (not the weapon speed) to 50% (but only if you are allowed to shoot out of the bubble). With these, I would suggest keeping Armor of Light and Weapons of Light, but Blessing of Light needs to be changed to something else, possibly a bonus to regeneration, though I'm not sure what. You could regenerate health rapidly, or even your grenade/melee abilities, or you could also use it to regenerate ammo for your equipped weapon (with the time to replinish ammo dependant of what weapon you are using, obviously heavy ammo would take much longer than Special or Primary). All of those things would be great.
I think I had the Dead Orbit item equipped, but I might not have. I can't remember if I was working on DO or just trying to build up Crucible reputation (since I'm not even rank 1) at that point.

Honestly, I don't see how Voidwalkers are overpowered. The ONLY times I've ever successfully used Nova Bom is if the entire group of enemies is distracted by someone else on my team. If ANYONE sees me coming, I'm dead before my arm is even fully pulled back for the launch 100% of the time. There have been times when I've caught someone off-guard momentarily, activated Nova Bomb, and at the moment the hand is fully thrust forward (at which point the energy balls should either already flying, or at least already formed) but they still manage to kill me and the super never actually goes off. I mean come on, if someone throws a grenade but gets killed right as it's leaving their hand, the grenade still flies, why doesn't that work with Nova Bomb?

Radiance works precisely as it does in PvE: cuts all damage in half. So while one sniper headshot is enough to take someone down normally, with Radiance, it takes two. It's really no different than picking up an overshield in Halo.

I'm on the fence about Hunter speeds being nerfed. It was originally meant as a balance between the three classes, Hunters have such low armor and recovery that they needed speed to make up for it. But with Crucible settings leveling that playing field, that sort of added "balancing" suddenly becomes an advantage. I don't know how deep the well goes on the balancing protocols, though. Is it simply "all weapons will do x amount of damage based solely on weapon type and everyone gets a flat 250 defense rating," or does it also go into character class attributes and standardize those as well, i.e. Titans no longer have better natural defense, Hunters no longer have better natural agility, and Warlocks no longer have faster natural recovery? I really don't know. If it standardizes all attributes across the board with the exception of equipment perks and subclass options (i.e. which melee effect, super, grenade type, etc. you chose to go with) then yea, that still needs work to be balanced. If it doesn't standardize all those attributes, it becomes a question of should it do so, or would that make character class choices feel entirely irrelevant and take away from the "choose and build your character to suit your chosen play style?" You don't want to take away too much character customization, otherwise it just becomes just another shooter with a different player model.
With the exception of the Iron Banner, in normal PVP, the damage (the number shown) of your weapons make a factor of 0% of the damage you do. Instead it is based on range and impact, which were already a factor in the equation to begin with. Weapons operating outside of their range experience dropoffs in terms of damage. With the shotgun, I have a real hard time trying to figure out where the magical death zone is, it seems very sensitive, and it shouldn't be, it's a shotgun!!!

The scout rifles, despite their impact are currently underperforming while the Auto Rifles have a range that extends too far. While it is an issue in PVP, it isn't an issue in PVE.

Right now, the money is with Hand Cannons, assuming you can tolerate their sights (I can't). Their massive impact can kill you quickly, but you will mostly find yourself still dieing to Auto Rifles and Shotguns that don't seem to function the same way yours does.
Not even my Suros Regime has the ability to kill people in 2 shots!!! I have a Silvered Hushwind, but it doesn't seem to do it either even though others using it can 2-shot me.

Anyways, weapons aside, we have our passives that can tune our armor/recovery/speed, but I'm 90% sure that the armor meter counts for nothing in normal PVP.
Whether I have it maxed our not, I still die the same.
Recovery and Agility do seem to be effected, but armor doesn't...

Idk, the system in standard PVP just seems really dumb. I don't mind having all weapons doing X damage based on their type, but the classes need to diverge more.
All in all, it seems like there's little incentive for me to return to the Crucible short of getting another exotic bounty requiring it. I'll take my chances trying to find Closing Time and the Universal Remote in the field and hope that eventually the other shaders I was looking at pop up in the postmaster's reward packages like Thunderdevil did.
Might as well join the Band wagon.

1. 405th name: Satsugai
2. Xbox GT: Lord_Satsugai
3. Xbox 360 and ONE
4. Bungie profile: Lord_Satsugai

Just got my xbox1 yesterday :)
Zaff universal remote is awesome I've gotten 2 of them, one from a leg engram and 1 outta a raid chest.
Satsugai ill add you tonight my gt is Fireryne8389 for x1 we have a good team set up on it
Sure why not, could always use more friends.

1. 405th: mOWWck
2. Xbox Live: mOWWck
3. Xbox One
4. Bungie profile: mOWWck
Just submitted a join request on Bungie.net:
1) Blade AK
2) ScooterAK022
3) XBox One
4) ScooterAK022
I'll look for you all when online, though Destiny's lack of story is killing me right now and I'm about to be off the grid for 3 months. Looking forward to getting back to it!
If people are interested. No the clan is not dead. Alot of us still grinding away. The Taken King has been a blast so far.

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