Garrisons, Camps, whatever shall we call them....

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I'm organizing a section of the site, where people can register and give location information (state and city wise) so people can find each other.

(you can see a non-working version up on the main page already)...

I mean, you can register and what not, but I'm going to erase the database and start over once I'm finished programming it.

You'll be able to search by state and city and things to find other costumers on this site.

so anyways: what shall each location be? I'm organizing by state, so what shall we call each group/state?

Texas Garrison, Texas Camp, Colorado Squad, etc etc.... any input?
what do they say? "this is spartan group omega" or something?

we don't wanna be called "groups" that's no fun...
That's a very good idea. As for group names are you going to make a sepperate one for every state???

Well, I'd go with military lingo for some of them, to kinda keap with the whole Halo thing:
barracks maybe?
hmmmm... that's all I got.

EDIT: For 'Forum nickname' do I have to put 'SPARTAN+MJOLNIR=OWNAGE' or is like 'S+M=O' fine?
I like regiment. The Spartan Regiment, or go by the spartan program itself, all we need to do is give ourselves a number, like the Spartan-V Project.
It's regiment, unless it gets out voted. Check other thread for how you can help.
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