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I actually managed to finish some stuff up before moving. The daggers were fun. I always like it when somebody just gives me a list of features they like and says "make me something".

The concept here was medieval style...modern materials. I ended up doing an 80CrV2 blade, parkerized black with zinc phosphate, brushed stainless fittings, a carbon fiber handle with some orange G10 spacers along the sides. Scabbard was done with some black leather, black mcarta, and more carbon fiber and orange G10.

The second is a satin finished 80CrV2 blade, hammer textured stainless guard with a bronze spacer, stainless pommel, vacuum-polymer stabilized axis deer antler handle.


This is one I did a while back for a fun competition. The theme was "Arkansas Toothpick Daggers", so we all made our version with some required features (overall shape, size, etc). Being a medieval geek, I did a patternwelded design based on the famous Sutton Hoo sword. So I named my dagger the "Arkansas Sutton Hoothpick".

Yes, us bladesmiths are clever like that! Blade is made from 12 bars of steel. Double reverse interrupted twist down the core, twist along the perimeter edges, 1080 steel inbetween. Handle is 6000 yr old bog oak and mammoth ivory. Fittings are some 1800's wrought iron.
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