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General Halo Discussion Stuck Thread Index

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by Ruze789, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    (updated 07-21-2014)

    Dear 405th Forum Members,

    The following links are to threads that were formerly Stuck at the top of the forum. These are topics that may answer important questions you have, or may just contain important info related to the 405th’s Halo Discussion.

    New threads may be added to this Sticky Index, so check back often.

    If you have a thread you feel should be considered for addition to the Sticky Index, please click the Report Post button underneath this post, then enter your suggestion in the Message box.
    This will bring it to the attention of the staff, and we will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Please remember that not all threads suggested may be added to the Sticky Index, and threads will be added at the Staff's discretion.

    Thank you,
    The 405th.com Forum

    Halo 5 Guardians
    Halo 5 Guardians Discussion, by RYNO_666

    Halo 2 Anniversary/ The Master Chief Collection Discussion
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Discussion, by Arcanine

    Official-Halo-Reach-Reference Thread *Pic Heavy-Spoilers*
    Halo Reach Reference Thread, by Ruze789

    Official Halo 4 Reference Thread, including Screenshot Extractor Info
    Halo 4 Reference Thread, by Ruze789

    Halo Child's Play Auction Live
    Halo Child’s Play Auction, by Laird

    Halo Universe Sticky Index
    Halo Universe Sticky Index, by 23Magnum (OLD, all links broken after site changes)
  2. poopfacemonster

    poopfacemonster New Member

    Hello, Everyone. So, I am attempting to build my first COSPLAY costume. I am afraid that It wont fit. how do I make the outline fit my body, head etc. Thanks. I have PEPAKURA and I am not understanding how to make it proportionate to my body...HELP
  3. bran3nbusby117

    bran3nbusby117 New Member

    did anyone hear that in redboxes they have a new movie, halo:the fall of reach
  4. corpralbridges

    corpralbridges New Member

    hey where do I get blueprints from?
  5. CoS Spartan058

    CoS Spartan058

    If you need to ask a question I suggest that you post in the new recruits forum. This is not a thread with that purpose in mind.
  6. Sl0Py0

    Sl0Py0 Jr Member

    oops i mest up
  7. jimmy420

    jimmy420 New Member

    HELP.... looking for elite head .pdo files.....the actual alien head...i see it all over the web as a pic...but no website has the file....plz oh plz can anyone help?
  8. alistair adler

    alistair adler New Member

    hey what u wearing this Halloween???
    our designers made a classy costumes for halloween

    - - - Updated - - -

    hey how r u ??
    what u wearing this halloween??
  9. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    Has there been any announcement made or photo files released for Halo Wars 2 yet that's due out beginning of 2017?
  10. CommanderPalmer


    There have been multiple trailers and many photos released so far. :)

    Even very few concept arts, even one fully dedicated to Atriox.

    Did you watch the E3 trailer?
  11. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    I haven't actually, I guess I need to dig a bit deeper. The past few weeks have been rough and the over time at work has been insane. I'll see what I can find tonight. Thanks for giving me something to research while my machines cycle
  12. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    alright so I checked out the E3 vid and while the graphics do look astounding and Atriox looks like a very well designed character I dont believe I seen any Spartans anywhere in the vid. Several ODST and a ton of awesome equipment but I dont believe I seen a single Spartan. Have I missed something?
  13. CommanderPalmer


    Ehm... Yes. You have missed. O_O
    There is the Red Team!
    I mean, unless they introduce some new Spartans (Spartans-IV) that were somehow stationed on Ark, Red Team is "everything" we'll see.

    I seriously can't wait for Halo Wars 2, even more since it's going to be on Ark and in 2559 so just after Halo 5... and also, there was Flood teased in Halo: Escalation, but that plot will be closed in Halo: Tales from slipspace upcoming comics anthology.
    I'm sucker for AI and I think that Isabel can be a really good character. It's great to see old characters back and their story finally continued! It's been too long... and while I hate Jiralhanae with passion, Atriox can make a VERY good villain.

    Here are videos:

    The E3 trailer 1:30 just after the ODSTs drop, there is whole Red Team.

    Here is RTX trailer, kinda extended trailer of Gamescom 2015, where Red Team encounters Atriox for the first time.

    Here is a great ViDoc.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2017
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  14. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    Note to self drink more espresso before surfing for game info. Talk about your all time bone head screw ups I missed it huge!!!!
    Assuming Chief is still AWOL?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2017
  15. RazorRaf

    RazorRaf New Member

    Really stoked about HW2. Was a big fan of the first one!
  16. Distemper


    Hello Everyone. I must be blind or something because I have not found what I am looking for but I am sure it must be here somewhere. Where do I find the costume requirements if you want to be part of a contingent? I am pretty sure that my idea for a Joker themed spartan would not be approved but I could make another one that would be appropriate to use in a group. I just don't know where to find those details.
  17. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    There are no Costume requirements to become a 405th Member, nor to join your local Regiments. Here is the FAQ on 405th Membership.

    New Recruit FAQ

    While not currently active, the program is undergoing tweeking, the 405th does have the optional "Deployment" system where members can voluntarily submit their costume for evaluation and grading into one of three tiers. However, Deployment is not a requirement for Membership or being active with your local Regiment. It is just an optional process for those above and to go the extra mile.
    Distemper likes this.
  18. Distemper


    Thank you so much. Time to get working on my costume and weapons.
  19. Distemper


    So I have read all the rules and while I am not yet a full member I am looking forward to that big day. I read about not wearing 405th merchandise to events when your not a full member but I haven't seen any merchandise around. Is there a location that this merchandise is located at? Are there letter jackets like the 501st has? That would be really awesome. Patches or other things?
  20. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    There are 405th Hats, patches, and stickers available for everyone here:


    Regiments will also make their own items, like shirts and patches, but those tend to be reserved for Regimental members.
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  21. Distemper


    That is supper awesome. Thank you for the information.

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