Glue Question


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I need to know if resin is gonna eat through all purpose white glue. ya know the stuff like elmers. and if so what kind of glue should i use?
no, elmers glue is water based and resin destroys solvent based i believe. but i have made all of my stuff with elmers glue and bond*fast professional white glue and resin doesnt affect it at all. i like elmers glue because if you wipe off the extra you can press the tab and the face together tightly and it's like superglue and you have more time to align the edges for a perfect fold


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Elmers glue works, but it can be frustrating to work with you have say, 10 tabs to do at once. When you connect big huge pieces, you need to connect many tabs, so I recommend hot glue since it makes hard tabs easier to work with.