Green Lantern Power Battery


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Hint: It's Green!
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Oh totally got this one.... a flux capacitor!

Ha but really its the lantern from the new Green Lantern movie!

Looking good man cant wait to see more pics!


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I need an unfolder for this. I left out the little clip things on the side lens doohickeys because I had already modeled that part and didn't notice they should be there. When more ref pics come out, I will probably make a version 2 of it. There is also supposed to be a notch in the feet that goes up to the 3rd face from the base(in the model) I didn't discover that until a few minutes ago either.

Anyhow, if you unfold this, please email the unfold to so I can credit you and put it on my website.
Green Lantern Power Battery (not unfolded)



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I'll try and unfold it, what size do you want it scaled to?

Edit, I just sent you the unfolded file, I scaled it to 2ft, seemed like a good height to start at...


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I threw a texture onto the model and rendered it. The texture needs work to make it glowy and crystal like, I added the glowy spots on the side lenses in Photoshop because I didn't have an emissive material on those and it cast shadows across the lenses.
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