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Grif from RvB cosplay

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ynot44, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Ynot44

    Ynot44 New Member

    Its been awhile since I have posted on here and I am working on my armor again now that it is warm where I live and I can fiberglass and bondo. As of right now I have 5 pieces fully fiberglassed. I am working on the chest piece. It is taking awhile so once I have it all done I will post some photos of my progression.
  2. Ynot44

    Ynot44 New Member

    I have finally gotten a chance to work on my armor now that the weather is nice where I live, I dont't have much time during the year to do the fiberglassing and bondoing due to my living arrangements so I am making the best of the time I have. I have since my last post fiberglass and rondoed the pieces in the photos, a little over kill I know but I don't want my parts to brake on me, and I have started to do the bondo and shaping portion on some of the pieces and I am hoping to get as much done for you all as possible. If any of you have any suggestions I am all ears, I would like to finish this sooner rather then later




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  3. Ynot44

    Ynot44 New Member

    I have finished two pieces of the armor, the hard guards. I still need to connect them to gloves, any suggestions on how to attach them to gloves? Let me know what you all think.

  4. Ynot44

    Ynot44 New Member

    I was able to finish three of my pieces today, I am surprised at how they are turning out. If any one see anything I should fix let me know. Here are one of the handguard and the left forearm




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  5. Dirtdives


    Ynot44, nice work. Not sure if you need to change anything. The weathering is great but I would say to alternate directions of your brush strokes......not perpendicular mind you, just give the impression of scraping from different angles.
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  6. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Those piece came out very nice. Like Dirtdives said the forearm piece looks kind of sanded not worn. They just need some scrapes And scratches in other directions. The handplates don't seem to have this problem they came out great.
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  7. Ynot44

    Ynot44 New Member

    Thank you for the suggestion, I went and added some alternative brush strokes on the forearm and now it does look more realistic. I was able to take a photo of it before work but I am planning on doing the same thing on the other right forearm.
  8. zigzwag

    zigzwag New Member

    This is looking really good!
  9. Hibson


    Fantastic work! Very nice, very sharp :) Thanks for sharing your progress :)
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  10. HeroMinerR5


    Look great
  11. Kat

    Kat Jr Member

    Wow this seems really cool! I'd like to see the updated paint!
  12. ErMaC


    That PEP looks clean. The cleaner the pep is the easier and better the finished product will be. Good job
  13. ErMaC


    Helmet looking Legit bro
  14. RobotChicken


    Those pieces turned out looking great! Nice to see people with more time than me getting something productive done with those models. I've had no time at all lately to continue working on additional Mk VI armor parts, but hoping to eventually have high-detail files made for the entire suit. Yours are turning out nice.

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